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In recent years, the world's fast-rising energy consumption, driven by population growth, has been triggering severe environmental changes, such as desertification, acid rain and global warming.
In the near future, fossil fuels such as oil and coal, which have hitherto supported people's lives and the economy, will eventually be depleted if we continue to consume these fuels at the current pace.
Moreover, carbon dioxide released when burning these fuels is a cause of global warming.

What can be done now to hand a pristine planet to our children?

The Earth has an abundance of natural energy.
Solar photovoltaic power generation uses energy arriving from the Sun as it rises and sets everyday.
Sunlight can be harnessed as a source of energy for as long as the Sun continues to shine.
And because solar photovoltaic power generation does not release carbon dioxide during operation, it has become one effective answer for resolving the issues of energy self-sufficiency and global warming, which have become increasingly acute year by year.

What can XSOL accomplish?
Through solutions that harness solar power to the fullest extent, XSOL will create a new energy paradigm for people's lives in the present and the future.


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