Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd

Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd

80 Lewis Road, Wantirna South, VIC, 3152
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Australien Australien


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  • SP PRO Series ...
    3 ~ 20 kW Netzanlagen, Inselanlagen

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We, Solar Electrical Services, have been using Selectronics for many years for off-grid installations. Their products are surprisingly durable. Without maintenance, they can work for several decades. We recommend that this Australian brand is extremely reliable brand.

-- Reg Dwyer, Solar Electrical Services Pty Ltd.

These inverters are designed and made in Australia. They have a great technical support. They can be used in both off and on grid installations.

-- Miwa Tominaga, Going Solar

We use inverters made by Selectronics because this manufacturer is Australian company. This fact makes us trust the quality of their inverter products.

-- Eco Living Australia

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