Pylontech - 50

Pylon Technologies Pylontech - 50

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Typ von Speichersystem: Li-Ionen
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● More than 6000 cycles at 90% discharge
● Delivers up to 5Kw (1sec.) per module
● Modular design to easily increase capacity


Pylontech - 50
Speichersystem Kategorie Standalone
Typ von Speichersystem Li-Ionen
Batterie Datenblatt
Elektrische Daten  
48 V
10 Jahre
Zyklenfestigkeit 6000@90%DOD
Ladetemperatur -0 ~ +50 ℃
Entladetemperatur -10 ~ +50 ℃
Lagertemperatur -20 ~ +60 ℃
Allgemeine Daten  
Abmessung (L*B*H)
440x410x89 mm
24 Kg

The Next Generation Battery

Pylontech's latest HESS battery model

This Lithium battery model already powers more than 20000 Homes. An exceptional lifespan, a quality energy. The design design makes it easy to install and expand your system. This battery reflects all the real requirements of end-users and the highest technical capabilities of Pylontech.   

You can find the 5-year warranty in the attached files. Save it on Pylontech's website allows you to extend the term of the warranty to 10 years.


Exceptional lifespan

Announced for more than 6000 cycles considering a 90% discharge depth

Pylontech batteries will be with you for more than 10 years.


Delivers more than 5Kw per module

The rated power per element is 2.5kw, but they can give 5Kw tocope with strong start-up currents.


Modular design

Pylontech batteries are upgradable very easily

It is quite possible to start with one or two elements, and then increase according to your needs


Compatible with most converters

Any charging regulator or inverter that can set charge voltages is compaptable with Pylontech batteries


Compact and easy storage

Pylontech batteries can be superimposed very easily, and also be placed horizontally

It is also possible to place them in any 19' rack


Safety Cert.T-V, CE, UN38.3, TLC

Loss of capacity based on the number of discharges

Test lithium batteries performed by an independent body

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