PS 300-450

TBS Electronics B.V.
Typ: Inselanlagen
Leistungsbereich: 0,7~0,8 kW
Region: Niederlande Niederlande
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Three Phase 17...

Livoltek Power
  • Typ: Netzanlagen
  • Produktgarantie: --
  • Schutzklasse: IP65
  • Abmessung: 555x446x270 mm
  • Gewicht: 37 kg


PS300-12 PS350-24 PS450-48
2 Jahre 2 Jahre 2 Jahre
Eingang (DC)  
Max. Eingangsspannung
16 V 31 V 60 V
Nominal Eingangsspannung
12 V 24 V 48 V
Ausgang (AC)  
Max. AC-Leistung
0,7 kW 0,8 kW 0,8 kW
Nominal AC-Leistung
0,25 kW 0,3 kW 0,3 kW
AC Nennspannungsbereich
112,7~234,6 V 112,7~234,6 V 112,7~234,6 V
Nominal Ausgangsspannung
115, 230 V 115, 230 V 115, 230 V
Netzfrequent/ Bereich
49,975-60,025 Hz 49,975-60,025 Hz 49,975-60,025 Hz
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Max. Wirkungsgrad
91 % 93 % 95 %
Allgemeine Daten  
Abmessungen (H/B/T)
184x130x98 mm 184x130x98 mm 184x130x98 mm
3,5 kg 3,5 kg 3,5 kg
Betriebstemperaturbereich -20 ~ +50 ℃
Schutzklasse IP20
Feuchte 0-95 %
Kühlung Lüfter
Schutzeinrichtungen Kurzschlussschutz, Überlastschutz, Übertemperatursicherung
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TBS Electronics B.V.

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De Marowijne 3, 1689 AR Zwaag
Hinweis: Ihre Anfrage wird direkt an TBS Electronics B.V. gesendet.
Unternehmen Beschreibung
TBS is a fast growing privately owned company designing and manufacturing all products in The Netherlands. We are famous for our high product reliability and innovation (first affordable pure sinewave inverter launched in 1996, manufacturer of the industry standard e-xpert battery monitors etc.). Founded in 1984, we have worked for OEMs exclusively till 2006. After 2006 we have started designing and marketing products under our own brandname ‘TBS Electronics’ and are selling worldwide. Besides the current product lineup, you can expect a continuous focus to expand our product lineup even further in the near future.


Very useful off grid inverters, very good value for the money. Regarding over-current and over-temperature, they have a good level of security. The design is simple and is easy to install. Signs and operating is short and simple, but this is more important than to give too much information to the end user


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