TenKsolar Supplies 1.69MW Rooftop Systems in Shanghai, China

Veröffentlicht auf 17.06.2015
tenKsolar today announced that they have shipped 1.69MW of tenKsolar DUO for SafeGreen Energy projects in Shanghai. The solar rooftop projects are designed and constructed by SafeGreen.

Joel Cannon, tenKsolar CEO, said, "We are delighted to show the world that tenK's technology is winning in China, the largest and most competitive solar market in the world. It is a credit to our outstanding team in the USA and China who have designed, built and delivered what is truly the world class standard in commercial rooftop solar."

"We chose tenKsolar's DUO PV system due to their inherent low voltage, fire safety, and perfect fit for commercial rooftop with low roof loading and easy installation", commented Zhan Sheng, Chairman of SafeGreen Group. "We will continue to work with the tenKsolar team for our future DG projects and consider tenKsolar an important strategic partner for our success in PV power development."

Leroy Luo, Managing Director of tenKsolar Asia added, "We have worked hard for several years to establish market leading costs advantages. Our success in selling in China shows the strength and competitive advantage of tenK's technology."

Quelle: TenKsolar
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