Greeks from Egnatia Build Photovoltaic Parks in Romania

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Egnatia Energy 

The Greek company Egnatia has in Romania contracts for the construction of several energy production parks for photovoltaic panels of 35MW, projects of 50 million euro. They estimate that next year investments in the field will grow significantly. "For next year we have contracts with several investors for the construction of solar parks of 25MW. At the level of the whole market I think panels of 500-600MW will be installed next year. We are ready to deliver at least 10% of this total," said the CEO of Egnatia Romania, Thomas Melitsis. Egnatia builds photovoltaic parks for several clients.

Investment costs in 1MW installed in solar panels are 1.5 million euro, so the overall investment in units built by Egnatia could be 50 million euro. According to Melitsis, the company has already built a solar project in Romania and is working on a photovoltaic park of 6MW in Varasti Giurgiu, to be completed in three weeks. Egnatia is also building a solar park of 3MW in Lechinta (Bistrita Nasaud) and one of 1MW in Targu Frumos (Iasi).

Photovoltaic panels with cumulated power of 12.1MW have been installed and other units of 100MW will be built next year. Companies invest in energy produced by photovoltaic panels attracted by the support granted by the state through the green certificate system. Producers win twice, by selling electricity and by selling green certificates.

Solar energy output to exceed nuclear energy in 2016

In 2016, photovoltaic energy could reach 1,500MW, exceeding by almost 100 MW the installed capacity of the two nuclear reactors of the Cernavoda power plant (165 km east of Bucharest), writes daily Ziarul financiar citing Zoltan Nagy, director of Energy Efficiency Department of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

According to ANRE estimates, at the end of this year the installed solar power capacity will be of 50-100MW and next year this figure could reach 500-1,000MW.

Each of the two operational nuclear reactors of the Cernavoda facility has a power output of 700MW. The installation cost of one MW in solar panels has dropped in the last two years from 3.5 million to 1.5 million euros, so that investments required to build up the 1,500MW could reach 2.2 billion euros. For a comparison, the government estimates that building the nuclear reactors 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda power plant will require 4 billion euros, Ziarul financiar also notes.


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