PSEG Completes PV Projects Totaling 21.32MW in New Jersey

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PSE&G recently put two new landfill solar farms in service as part of the utility's Solar 4 All program. The 10.14MW-dc Parklands Solar Farm in Bordentown, NJ and the 11.18MW-dc Kinsley Solar Farm in Deptford, NJ were brought online in late-December 2014 and will supply enough grid-connected solar electricity to power about 3,500 average-size homes annually.

These solar projects creat a portfolio of 26 solar farms and 174,000 pole-attached solar units that supply more than 101MW-dc of electricity.

"PSE&G is committed to supporting solar development in New Jersey while also maintaining the state's scarce open space," said Joe Forline, vice president, customer solutions for PSE&G. "Utilizing landfills like Kinsley and Parklands allows us to provide grid-connected renewable energy to our electric customers, increase the amount of solar generation in the state and also give new purpose to land that would otherwise have very limited opportunities for development." 

The Parklands Solar Farm transforms 40 acres of landfill space into a solar generation powerhouse by installing 33,402 solar panels, while the Kinsley Solar Farm fills 35 acres of unused landfill space with 36,841solar panels. The solar panels generate enough electricity to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 15,000 tons annually.

"Solar farms are a part of New Jersey's future so it's great to see PSE&G making these investments," said New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney. "Landfill solar projects are good for our state's environment, for public health and for the economy because they create jobs in the growing clean energy sector and protect the public health and the environment by reducing carbon emissions."

"I'm happy to see that the Kinsley Solar Farm is now providing solar power to thousands of homes and businesses in the Burlington, Camden and Gloucester County areas that I serve," said Congressman Donald Norcross. "This was an important project because it not only increased the amount of renewable energy in New Jersey but also gave new life to the Kinsley Landfill while spurring economic development and creating jobs for southern New Jersey."

"The benefits of the Parklands Solar Farm extend far beyond supplying renewable energy," said New Jersey State Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo. "In addition to powering hundreds of homes and businesses, turning a landfill green with solar power and helping to improve New Jersey's environment, it also created dozens of good jobs in a wide range of trades."

"Waste Management is proud to partner with PSE&G to turn the Parklands Landfill into a solar farm," said Tara Hemmer, vice president of Waste Management's Greater Mid-Atlantic Area. "Projects and partnerships like this one will continue to reduce our carbon footprint, make our nation less dependent on foreign energy, and improve our environment." Waste Management of New Jersey, Inc. owns the Parklands site.

"I've always believed that the most important part of any successful endeavor is teamwork, said Dan Edwards, president and CEO of Transtech Industries, Inc. "So it's certainly no surprise that an all-around environmental, and energy win resulted from the professionalism of PSE&G, the expertise and dedication of our folks at our top-rated Kinsley Landfill, and the vision of our political leaders including Mayor Paul Medany of Deptford, State Senate President Stephen Sweeney , and Congressman Donald Norcross." Transtech Industries is the parent company of Kinsley Landfill, Inc., owners of the Kinsley landfill.

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