Eurus Energy Group to Construct 10MW PV Park in Japan

Veröffentlicht auf 22.10.2012
Eurus Energy 

Eurus Energy Group is going to construct a photovoltaic power plant with a total output capacity of 10MW at Misaki Multi-purpose Multi-functional Park.

The Plant will use approx. 47,000 panels of photovoltaic modules over a 20.2 ha tract within the multi-purpose multi-functional park for power generation.  This is Eurus Group's first photovoltaic power generation project in Kinki Area, and its output will serve 3,900 households or about a half of Misaki Town.

On October 17, Eurus Energy Group concluded an agreement with Misaki Town concerning the leasing of the site for the construction of the photovoltaic power plant.  On October 29, a groundbreaking ceremony will be held, and the construction will start in November.

The completion is scheduled for August 2013, and all the electricity generated will be sold to Kansai Electric Power.

Eurus Energy Group is determined to pursue photovoltaic power generation projects vigorously in parallel with wind farm projects.


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