SINGULUS and M-Cells to Cooperate on the Production of Efficient Crystalline Silicon Cells

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Singulus Technologies  M-Cells 
March 25, 2013 - SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES (SINGULUS) signed a "Letter of Intent" with M-Cells on March 12, 2013. 

SINGULUS and M-Cells agreed in this LOI to expand the technologic cooperation for the mass production of crystalline silicon cells.

The Chief Executive Officer of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rinck, and the Managing Director of M-Cells, Mr. Jian Li, affirmed the intention of both companies to cooperate in the area of solar production. 

The declared goal of the cooperation is the use of SINGULUS' photovoltaic production machines of the next generation for the passivation of cell rear sides with aluminum oxide including the solution for wet-chemical processes in M-Cells' factory in China in order to improve the current cell efficiency offered by M-Cells by up to 1 %. The competitiveness of M-Cells in the solar industry will be improved considerably through the use of this equipment technology.

"The demand for solar cells with significantly higher efficiency grows and we are pleased to be able to combine the latest and up-to-date technology from Germany with the expertise of M-Cells towards a mutual success", comments Dr.-Ing. Stefan Rink. Mr Jian Li, CEO of M-Cells, welcomes the cooperation with SINGULUS, "M-Cells today already has a good basis in the segment of multi cell efficiency with up to 18 %, and I firmly believe that – together with SINGULUS – there will be easily made progress and that M-Cells will have a leading role in the world.

Background PERC: 

The trend in the solar industry towards ever thinner wafers for crystalline solar cells with higher levels of efficiency at the same time requires an improved surface passivation of the cell rear side. For the market of crystalline solar cells, the introduction of the new PERC cells is expected in the next years. In 2012, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES cooperated with the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH) for the further development of the cell technology. In this cooperation it was possible to enhance the efficiency of screen printing silicon solar cells from the customary range of 17.0 % to 18.5 % in the PV industry to a record level of 20.1 %.

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