The Sustainable Cheese Powered by JinkoSolar

Veröffentlicht auf 20.07.2021
Jinko Solar  Proinso 
JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. announced that the New Zealand Creamery has started its cheese making powered by solar. 2.2MW of JinkoSolar's solar panels were supplied by JinkoSolar's official distributor in Philippines - Proinso and installed atop its cheese making building located in Laguna, Philippines. This project which will generates about 30% New Zealand Creamery's power production.

The Creamery is well on the way to fulfilling its original vision and mission to power the whole facility with renewable energy resources. "Knowing that the cheese we eat is produced by solar, and we are helping the environment by watching the energy consumption move backwards is too impressive for words. Bring on the sun!" said the owner of the creamery company.

"We are happy to assist food producers to go solar. In future, there will be trend that food and other fast consuming products will be favored if it is certified sustainable. Jinkosolar will help our food customers across the world to integrate a comprehensive food safety processes run by solar energy, thereby to ensure consistently delicious and healthful experience to their customers," said Gener Miao, CMO of JinkoSolar.

Quelle: JinkoSolar
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