Duke Energy Renewables Acquires Two North Carolina Solar Projects

Veröffentlicht auf 07.04.2016
Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions  ET Solar 
Duke Energy Renewables today announced it has acquired two 5MW solar projects in Eastern North Carolina from ET Capital. The Hertford site, located in Hertford, Perquimans County, and the Long Farm project, in Garysburg, Northampton County, were completed in March and will collectively generate enough energy to power about 2,000 homes.

"Providing the benefits of renewable energy and opportunities for local economic development in the state are important to Duke Energy," said Greg Wolf, president, Duke Energy Commercial Portfolio. "We are pleased to add these projects from ET Capital to our growing solar portfolio in Eastern North Carolina." Power from the projects is being sold to Dominion NC Power under 15-year agreements.

Boris Schubert, CEO of ET Capital adds, "We thank Duke for being a trusted partner as well as a champion for renewable energy. This project completion is another example of how our partners can rely on ET Capital's co-development platform to execute projects efficiently from inception to commercial operation."

The 44,631 305W modules for the two sites were supplied by ET Solar Group.

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