Skytron® Energy Chosen for 86.2MW PV Plant in South Africa

Veröffentlicht auf 15.02.2016
Skytron® Energy's monitoring technology helps to regulate electricity in an energy intensive region.

Skytron® Energy has been selected to fit out a solar power plants on the African continent with its monitoring, control and supervision technology. The Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV plant will be completed in July 2016, with a capacity of 86.2MW. The plant is located just outside Prieska, will provide approximately 30,000 homes with clean energy.

"With more than 2,500 hours of sunlight reaching South Africa a year solar power is an ideal source of energy in the region," says Lino Garcia, the Director Business Development of Skytron® Energy." "Considering the negative impact of load-shedding and rising energy prices, on the South African economy over the past decades, we are very happy to finally see changes and an increased awareness of renewable energies. Besides being environmentally friendly, PV plants are, first and foremost, reliable and cost effective sources of electricity. In order to meet local requirements and maintain the highest possible standards at the Prieska power plant, we will both integrate the entire range of our high-quality control and supervision technology and redesign components for the site."

"We value the flexibility in Skytron® Energy's monitoring technology and the fact that the company adapts its products to our needs," says Andre Steffen, the Senior Project Manager of juwi Renewable Energies. "Considering the particular local requirements in South Africa, we selected Skytron® Energy as the best partner to fulfill such needs for the Prieska project. Beyond its state-of-the-art technology, we were also impressed by its highly experienced team."

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