Duke Energy Completes Four PV Projects Totaling 30MW in North Carolina

Veröffentlicht auf 11.09.2015
Duke Energy Renewables  SunEnergy1 
Duke Energy Renewables today announced it has completed four solar power projects in Eastern North Carolina, adding 30MW of solar in the state. The projects are located in the towns of Creswell, Everetts, Battleboro and Sunbury.

"With these additions to our existing 105MW portfolio , we are more than doubling our solar capacity in North Carolina ," said Greg Wolf, president Commercial Portfolio, Duke Energy. "Providing increasingly clean power is important to our company and customers, and we are pleased to take part in the state's growing solar industry."

The energy generated from the completed Creswell, Everetts, Battleboro and Sunbury solar projects will be sold to Dominion NC Power. These facilities will produce enough energy to power about 32,000 average homes. SunEnergy1 is the developer and builder for the projects.

"We are proud to be continuing our long-term relationship with Duke Energy Renewables," said Kenny Habul, CEO SunEnergy1. "This significant amount of solar installations in small towns has provided a massive boost to the local economies and jobless rates. We applaud Duke Energy Renewables for their investment and their vision for renewable energy."

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