INVT Solar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
6F, Block B, INVT Guangming Technology Building, Songbai Road, Matian, Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
China China

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Joyce Chen
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INVT Solar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional solar inverter manufacturer and national high-tech enterprise. Founded in 2015, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of INVT (Stock: SZ 002334). They mainly offer PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for commercial & industrial, and residential applications.

Relying on INVT’s strong 20 years of operating strength, INVT Solar has great advantages in R&D, production, sales and service, and can provide all-around support to customers. Now the company's inverters power installations in over 80 countries. INVT Solar is committed to providing smart products and service to develop clean energy and usher in a low-carbon age.

Art der Komponenten
Wechselrichter, Datenlogger
Typ: Netzanlagen, Inselanlagen, Hybrid
Leistungsbereich (kWp): 1-136
Anzahl der bekannten Händlern Wechselrichter 46 Händler


  • XN 3-5kW
    -- kW Inselanlagen
  • XG 3-15kW
    3.3 ~ 16.5 kW Netzanlagen
  • BD 3-6kW-RL1
    -- kW Hybrid
  • BD 8-12kW-RH3
    6.6 ~ 13.2 kW Hybrid
  • BD5-10kW(North...
    -- kW Hybrid
  • XD3.6-6kW
    3.68 ~ 6 kW Hybrid
  • XN50P-48
    -- kW Inselanlagen
  • XN5548 & XN5548-P
    -- kW Inselanlagen
  • XG 17-25kW
    16.6 ~ 27.5 kW Netzanlagen
  • XG 30-40kW
    27.7 ~ 44 kW Netzanlagen
  • XG50-70kW
    55 ~ 77 kW Netzanlagen
  • XG100-136kW
    110 ~ 150 kW Netzanlagen
  • XG3-10kW
    -- kW Netzanlagen
  • BD6-12kW(North...
    -- kW Netzanlagen, Hybrid
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Servicetypen Software
Softwaretypen Überwachung
Produkte Solarman Business; Solarman Smart
Very good value for the money, optimum performance and good after sales service. Compact equipment and good implementation.
-- Paul Chiu, IM Solar
We have been distributing INVT solar inverters in our local market. The feedback we received from our users are positive. Thanks to INVT 's high quality product and professional service.
-- Noor Pashtoon, Noorpashtoon Limited
INVT Solar is a reliable solar inverter supplier from China. Not only can they produce high quality products, but also they can help users solve their problems after installation.
-- Waqqar Ahad, Photon Energy Solutions
INVT solar inverters have been in the market for many years. The reputation they have established helps us sell more solar system in Australia.
-- Jason Hwang, Pivotal Solar Solutions
Apart from their product quality and brand awareness, the reason we use INVT solar inverters in our solar system is because they are willing to work with us closely to solve our customers' problems.
-- Cannone, Hanover Solar GmbH
INVT's inverter has alway been our first option, when it comes to storage system solution. Our customers are very satisfied with their product quality and the service they provide. We will continue to grow our business together.
-- Martin Wu, Shenzhen Megarevo Technology Co., Ltd.
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