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Wechselrichter, Speichersystem, Laderegler, Solarsysteme
VLA, GEL, AGM, SLA, Lithium-Ionen
Green Power Group

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Plus Power solar battery include 5 series( PS, PM, PL, Gel , Deep cycle), the capacity is from 4Ah to 3000AH, and the voltage include 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V, etc. all series batteries are rechargeable and maintenance free, the capacity is enough and stable.
Plus Power Battery Advantages:

1. More than 16 years to produce the lead acid battery.
2. Advantaged producing lines to assure the products quality.
3. Professional QC and engineers seriously control the quality of materials and producing
4. Many items are optional
5. Competitive price to save customers' money.
6. Certificates: CE, UL, ROHS,ISO9001, ISO14001, etc


Features of Plus Power VRLA Batteries.
1. Nonspillable
The Plus Power VRLA battery uses an absorbed electrolyte system. All of the electrolyte is absorbed into the positive plates, negative plates, and the separators. Coupled with the use of special sealing epoxies, and long sealing paths for posts, Plus Power VRLA batteries have exceptional leak resistance, and can be used in any position. 
2. Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation 
There is no corrosive gas generation during normal use and no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or to add water during the service life.
3. High Quality and High Reliability
The Plus Power VRLA battery has stable and reliable capacity. The battery can withstand overcharge, over discharge, vibration, and shock. To assure this high quality and reliability, the batteries are 100% tested on production line for voltage, capacity, seals and the safety valve are 100% visually inspected before the final assembly process.
4. Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery 
Plus Power VRLA batteries have exceptional deep discharge recovery and charge acceptance, even after deep or prolonged discharge.
5. Low Self-discharge
Because of the use of lead calcium grids alloy and highly purity materials. Plus Power VRLA battery can be stored long periods of time without recharge. The rate of Plus Power VRLA battery self-discharge on open circuit is less than 2% per month at 20oC/68oF.
6. Long Service Life
The Plus Power VRLA battery has long life in standby or cycle service.
7. Solid Copper Terminals
Ensures highest current carrying capability.
8. Tank-formed Plates
The initial capacity will be 100% and optimize cell voltage balance, due to the tank formation of the plates.
9. Computer-aided design and manufacturing 
Ensures quality products through control of processes and standards.



  • 0,056 / Wp
    0.18~8 kW Inselanlagen
  • 0,0867 / Wp
    1~6 kW Inselanlagen
  • 0,050 / Wp
    0.6~2 kW Inselanlagen
  • 0,037 / Wp
    0.15~3 kW Inselanlagen
  • 0,125 / Wp
    10~20 kW Netzanlagen
  • 0,120 / Wp
    1.65~5.1 kW Netzanlagen
  • 0,125 / Wp
    3.6~5.1 kW Netzanlagen


  • 1,03 / Wp
    2000 Wp
    6 Module 1 Wechselrichter


  • PG
    Blei-Säure (Gel)
  • PM
    Blei-Säure (AGM)
  • PD
    Blei-Säure (AGM)

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Plus Power will supply higher quality solar products to our customers with more competitive prices. If you are interested , please visit our website at to know more about our products.

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