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Founded in 2005, Hangzhou ConfirmWare Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of intelligent equipment.Headquartered in Hangzhou, ConfirmWare has a 25,000㎡ production center and a 3,000㎡ R&D laboratory, obtaining more than 150 licensed patents. Our products have been widely used in more than 20 countries and regions, such as China, U.S., Canada, South Korea, Turkiye, Austria and Vietnam. ConfirmWare is committed to constantly providing customers with overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing to improve the customer experience. For over a decade, ConfirmWare has always focused on technical research on automation control, sensing, driving and information system. The solar cell series stringer independently developed by ConfirmWare has been included in the directory of the first set (series) of products in key fields of the equipment manufacturing industry of Zhejiang Province. The equipment in the field of photovoltaic module manufacturing, such as MBB cell stringer, automatic bussing machine and automatic layup machine, have reached the leading level in the industry.We believe that intelligent manufacturing is a powerful weapon to restructure the value system of the manufacturing industry and will play a key role in the process of promoting sustainable development. Guided by the national strategic goal of “peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality”, ConfirmWare will focus on intelligent manufacturing, put customers first, stick to the globalization strategy and help manufacturing enterprises realize smart transformation.

Art der Ausrüstung
Ausrüstung zur kristallinen Modul-Herstellung: Schlüsselfertige Produktionslinien für Module, CTS, Lötmaterial, Stringer, Lötautomat, Laser Zellen Schneider / Strukturierer, Rahmungsstation, Fertigungslinien, Handlingsystem für Module, Automatisiert Fertigungsstraße, Fördereinheiten, Lay-up Station, Isolationswiderstand und Spannungsfestigkeit Tester, Folienschneider

Solar Panel Manufacturing Solutions

ConfirmWare always has your solar module production needs in mind. Our fully automated stringers and production lines match diverse market demands. We also offer layout designing options to properly set up your production line. Proper commissioning and training are provided to prepare your team for optimal and efficient use of our machinery.

Ultra High Speed Cell Stringer

AMS60A is Confirmware’s latest solar cell stringer, which is compatible with cells up to 230mm, 20BB, the designed cycle is 7200pcs/h, representing the industry's leading technology.

  • Cell seizing of 4-axis robot, double slipways (linear motor), dual vertical grippers (elevated by motor) and design of dual tail clamps satisfy the designed capacity of high-speed robot.

  • Double side jacking circular feeding and blanking mode supports the continuous fast switching of material boxes, realize continuous welding and speed up the overall designed capacity.

  • Process Compatibility: PERC / TopCon / HIT (customized), Diameter of round ribbon: φ0.25-0.35mm, Special-shaped ribbon (customized), Segmented reflective ribbon (customized)

MBB Stringer

AMS-L4000 , as ourmost classical MBB stringer, is advantageous in stability and cost performance. There are hundreds of AMS-L4000 stringers running all over the world, providing stable and cost-effective service. Compatible with cells up to 220mm, 18BB, the designed cycle is 3600pcs/h.

  • High Reliability

  • Easy Operation and Maintenance

  • Superior Compatible and Simple Switch

  • Strong Extensibility

Auto Bussing Machine

ABM20A can finish the whole set of processes, including grabbing, straightening, cutting, trimming and welding of busbar. Upgrading of single/double line bypass welding function is supported. Overall welding yield: ≥98%; cell breakage rate: ≤0.2%, Cycle: ≥22s/module.

  • Local heating mode could ensure precise heating effect, fast temperature rise and high welding efficiency.

  • The welding time, and power can be adjusted separately to ensure even and stable welding temperature, which finally improves welding quality.

  • Its secondary deviation correction function supports the secondary deviation correction of cell string, with simple operation and high positioning accuracy.

  • Modular structural design and convenient debugging, switching Time <6h

  • Busbar punching function is optional to enhance the welding firmness of the subsequent junction box; Single/double bypass welding function of singular string module can be upgraded.

Non-Destructive Cell Cutting Machine

ULC-4000 is used for inducing the automatic cracking of cells by extrusion stress generated by temperature difference in virtue of local cooling technology after heating and slotting cells partially with laser. In comparison to the general mechanical scribing technology, non-destructive scribing technology could reduce cell battery dramatically. Compatible to 156-230mm and 140-200μm cells, instead of using a new box, the original box can be still used for switching cells with a different size.

  • Designed capacity:3,600 pcs/h or 7,200 pcs/h (optional).

  • Scribing precision: ±0.1mm, Reject ratio: ≤ 0.05%.

  • Compatible to cell technology such as PERC, TopCon and heterojunction.

  • Sliding table adsorption plane and laser base modular design; module does not need changing and switching can be realized automatically after adjusting of 2-cell or 3-cell for the first time.

  • The mode of box transmission belt can be upgraded. The stringer or cell cache mechanism can be docked via AGV trolley.

Auto Layup Machine

ACL60A is docked with the blanking end of stringer so as to place cell strings welded on the glass or back sheet based on certain sequence. Overall Breakage rate: ≤0.02%; Layup Accuracy: ≤±0.8, Cycle: ≥60s/module.

  • High compatibility: Scope of size of compatible module: (L)1,630-2,500mm* (W) 950-1,400mm.

  • High layout precision: 6-axis robot and CCD high-precision vision system ensure layout precision.

  • Convenient switching: Modules are arranged in the center. Layout switch can be realized quickly with proper production formula.

  • Easy maintenance: Simple structure and low fault rate of equipment

Auto Glass Loader

The glass feeder places glass on the tray on the assembly line automatically and accurately and recycles glass paper automatically.

  • Designed capacity: 23±1s/module (including clipping)

  • Grabbing weight: 50kg

  • Yield: ≥99.8%

  • Servo motor + driven by gear and rack; high positioning precision and high stability

  • Glass sucker is made of imported PU and leaves no trace when sucking glass

  • The glass sucking clamp is capable of vacuum detection so as to prevent glass from dropping in the grabbing process

Auto Trimming Machine

Raw edges after lamination are trimmed and recycled automatically. It makes glue coating better when the frame is installed.

  • Designed capacity: 23±1s/module

  • Yield: ≥99.8%

  • Edging effect: The section after edging is smooth; residue: <0.5mm, causing no damage to glass

  • 4 edges are trimmed simultaneously during operation: efficient and stable.

Auto Framing Machine

Framing is integrated on modules automatically and module is sealed to increase life. After coating, the frame is placed in the gripper mechanism of framing.

  • Designed capacity: 23±1s/module

  • Diagonal error of module: ≤1.5mm, size error of opposite edge≤1mm, Dislocation precision of opposite angle ≤0.3mm

  • Yield: ≥99.8%

Curing Manipulator

Grab and place modules before and after curing.

  • Designed capacity :23±1s/module (within the stroke range of 3,000)

  • Stroke scope of elevation direction: 0-1,400mm (customized)

  • Stroke scope of longitudinal direction: 0-3,000mm (customized)

  • Yield: ≥99.9%

Auto Filing Machine

Chamfer the four edges of module automatically.

  • Designed capacity: 23±1s/module (including feeding and blanking time)

  • Feeding and angle filling mode: The long edge (horizontal) edge of module is transmitted to the front assembly line. The restoration mechanism will restore them upon arrival. Motor drives sand belt for angle filling polishing.

  • Quality for angle filling: Angle filling should be smooth and free of any residue; avoid bruising module frame

  • Quality for grinded corner: Prevent dust from polluting module surface or causing blockage or damage to the active part of assembly line

  • Yield: ≥99.9%

Auto Sorter

The grading manipulator can be used for handling, stacking, unstacking and classified stacking of component.

  • Designed capacity: 23±1s (within the stroke of 3,000)

  • Stroke scope of elevation direction: 0-1,400mm (customized)

  • Stroke scope of longitudinal direction: 0-15,000mm (customized)

  • Yield: ≥99.9%

Representative Clients

ConfirmWare's expertise in automation technology has earned wide acknowledgment from home and aboard. Our base of clients speaks for our outstanding service capacity and machine performance.

Hangzhou ConfirmWave Technology Co., Ltd. is a reliable manufacturer who provides PV production equipment solution.
-- Michael Harre, LG Electronics, Inc.
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