• Großbritannien

    TGC Renewables Develops UK's Largest Solar Farm

    TGC Renewables has secured planning approval for the largest UK solar project in the UK to date.
  • Italien

    2BG Received Order for Upgrade to 40MW of Cappello Line

    Completed the order for upgrade to 40MW production plant (from the previous 20MW) at Cappello company (Ragusa – ITALY), which has brought besides the throughput increase, also the new solutions introduction and a custom-made configuration based on tight facility space.
  • Italien

    2BG Installed Soldering Robotic Station

    2BG offers its experience in the photovoltaic field in aid of well-know international group, a leading provider of industrial machines and systems, working in the major relevant sectors of the economy in the world. 2BG has been selected in the team of partners for collaborating on its first project dedicated to the production of crystalline silicon modules, in Poland.
  • Italien

    2BG Improves Technology for Cell Production

    All the main players of the PV market are focusing in increasing their solar cell efficiency by combining a significant reduction of the production cost, 2BG would like to share its last ongoing R&D technology that removes the use of silver paste by a new process using an absolutely new plating concept.
  • Italien

    2BG Delivered and Installed 20MW Automatic Line for Renewables

    2BG Delivered and installed plant for the crystalline modules production of 20MW at the company Renewables, which leads the introduction of new solutions and a configuration tailored to the customer needs and production spaces. With SPIRIT Tabber&Stringers, with the total throughput of 1.200 cells/hour and many process automatic controls, Renewables affords to produce modules with guaranteed and constantly monitored quality.
  • Italien

    2BG Developed Cells Soldering System with Ribbon Schlenk

    2BG Srl, in collaboration with SCHLENK, has developed the technology to interconnect automatically the solar cells with ribbon SCHLENK LHS in its own Tabber&Stringer. This system called “DRS” (Double Ribbon Soldering) ensures the maximum flexibility in the photovoltaic modules production in fact, it allows to use in addition to the common ribbon, even the SCHLENK LHS and exploit all its benefits in terms of efficiency. “DRS” has been developed for being installed on 2BG Tabber&Stringer models, already on stream by its customers.
  • Italien

    2BG Installs 50 MW Automatic Line for AV Project

    2BG Completed the expansion of the plant for the crystalline module production of 50 MW (from the previous 25 MW) at AV Project company (Avellino – ITALY), which has brought besides the throughput increase, also the new solutions introduction and a custom-made configuration based on customer needs and production spaces.
  • Italien

    2BG Introduces Automatic Bussing System

    2BG s.r.l. extends and strengthens its product line with the complete automation of strings bussing soldering process in order to satisfy the most exacting requirements for quality production and throughput.
  • Italien

    2BG, Contract for Stringers Supply in China

    2BG s.r.l. announces the order receipt from China for the supply of Nr. 8 SPIRIT, with infrared technology for solar cells soldering.
  • Italien

    2BG Signed Contract for Module Production Line with Hi Technology

    2BG Srl announced that it has entered in a commercial agreement to supply a production line for photovoltaic modules of 12 MW to Hi Technology (Cesena – Italy). The line will be delivered and will start working in a very short time, to allow Hi Technology to meet the supply demands already in the portfolio.