1500 Wp

1500 Wp

Aswich Electrical Co., Ltd
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Grace Lou
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1000 Wp

ProJoy Electric
  • Paket Leistung: 1000 Wp
  • Panel Marke: BYD
  • Panel Anzahl: 10
  • Inverter Marke: TSUN
  • Inverter Anzahl: 1
  • Montagesystem Typ:
  • Montagezeit:
  • Benötigte Dachfläche:
  • Lieferzeit:
  • Geschätzter Ertrag:
  • System Garantie: 10 Jahre
  • System Leistungsgarantie: --
  • Panel Produktgarantie: 10 Jahre
  • Panel Leistungsgarantie: --
  • Inverter Garantie: 5 Jahre
  • Montagesystem Garantie: --


DC Surge Protective Device
Paket Leistung
1500 Wp

Aswich Electrical Co., Ltd

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Chengdong Industrial Functional Zone, Yueqing, Zhejiang, 325604
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Grace Lou

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Chengdong Industrial Functional Zone, Yueqing, Zhejiang, 325604


Minute currents from photovoltaic or solar cells are combined in photovoltaic systems to increasingly larger currents, which need to be isolated, protected and switched. Aswich offers a comprehensive range of switchgear and enclosures for all these cases – ranging from building services up to large photovoltaic systems. The DC switch-disconnector from 20 A to 63 A is available in both open and from 20 A to 30 A in enclosed versions. The enclosed switch-disconnector is ideal for outdoor installation. The “PV-DIS” switch-disconnector is from 16 A to 125 A available. It provides up to 1000 VDC in a very compact design and a stable performance at every current. The DC string circuit-breakers from 4 A to 30 A protect the photovoltaic modules against fault currents. Advantage: Their advantage over fuses is that they are immediately ready for use after a trip and when the cause of the trip has been remedied. Their products are intended for customised enclosures or inverters. These switches are also available for operating currents of 20 A, 30 A and 63 A.

-- , Taizhou Star New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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