M10 144cells 545-565W

Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd.
Ab €0,090 / Wp
Typ: Monokristallin
Leistungsbereich: 545 ~ 565 Wp
Region: China China
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  • Scaled customization, continuous innovation, and efficiency

  • Max: 565W l 144 Cells | 21.9% l BOS

  • M10 size 182*182mm

  • MBB reduces power losses

  • Half-cut design reduces hotspot losses

  • BOS reduces investment costs

  • Specially designed for industrial, commercial & centralized ground plants


Produktgarantie 12 Jahre
Leistungsgarantie 10 Jahre auf 90% der angegebenen Nennleistung, 25 Jahre auf 84,8% der angegebenen Nennleistung
Elektrische Daten bei STC  
Nennleistung (Pmax)
545 Wp 550 Wp 555 Wp 560 Wp 565 Wp
Spannung bei Maximalleistung (Vmpp)
40,86 V 40,99 V 41,12 V 41,25 V 41,38 V
Strom bei Maximalleistung (Impp)
13,34 A 13,42 A 13,5 A 13,58 A 13,66 A
Leerlaufspannung (Voc)
49,5 V 49,65 V 49,81 V 49,97 V 50,13 V
Kurzschlussstrom (Isc)
14,04 A 14,13 A 14,21 A 14,29 A 14,38 A
21,12 % 21,31 % 21,51 % 21,7 % 21,9 %
Leistungstoleranz (+)
+ 5 % + 5 % + 5 % + 5 % + 5 %
  Standard Testbedingungen (STC): Luftmasse AM 1,5 - Einstrahlung 1000 W/m2 - Zellentemperatur 25°C,
Elektrische Daten bei NOTC  
Nennleistung (Pmax)
405,61 Wp 409,33 Wp 413,05 Wp 416,77 Wp 420,49 Wp
Spannung bei Maximalleistung (Vmpp)
38,02 V 38,14 V 38,26 V 38,38 V 38,5 V
Strom bei Maximalleistung (Impp)
10,67 A 10,73 A 10,8 A 10,86 A 10,92 A
Leerlaufspannung (Voc)
46,73 V 46,87 V 47,02 V 47,17 V 47,32 V
Kurzschlussstrom (Isc)
11,34 A 11,41 A 11,47 A 11,54 A 11,61 A
Temperatur 45±2 °C
  Norminal operating cell temperature (NOCT): Einstrahlung 800 W/m2, AM 1,5 – Umgebungstemperatur 20°C – Windgeschwindigkeit 1 m/s
Thermische Daten  
Temperaturbereich -40~85 °C
Temperaturkoeffizient Pmax -0,348 %/°C
Temperaturkoeffizient Voc -0,282 %/°C
Temperaturkoeffizient Isc 0,05 %/°C
Parameter der Systemintegration  
Maximale Systemspannung 1500 V
Rückwärtsbestromung 25 A
Technische Daten  
Modulabmessungen (H/B/T) 2278x1133x35 mm
Gewicht 28 kg
Zellentyp Monokristallin
Zellengröße 182×182 mm
Zellenzahl 144
Glastyp Temperiert
Glasstärke 3,2 mm
Verkapselung EVA
Rückseite TPT
Frame-Typ Eloxiertes Aluminium
Bypass-Dioden 3
IP Schutzgrad IP 68
Steckertyp MC4
Kabelquerschnitt 4 mm2
Kabellänge 350 mm
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Discover our state-of-the-art 11BB M10 182mm PV modules, available for OEM customization with power options ranging from 545W to 565W. These modules feature 144 efficient half cells, utilizing Mono technology and PERC solar panels.

Key Advantages:

  • Full IV Curve Cell: Benefit from MONO's complete IV curve cell technology, ensuring peak performance.

  • Optimal Cell Size: Our M10 cells, sized at 182*182mm, maximize efficiency and energy output.

  • Power Loss Reduction: Multi Busbar (SMBB) design minimizes power losses, enhancing energy generation.

  • Hot Spot Protection: Half-cut cell configuration significantly reduces hot-spot losses, ensuring safety and durability.

  • Cost Efficiency: Our cutting-edge BOS (Balance of System) technology reduces investment costs, ensuring a strong return on investment.

  • High Voltage Compatibility: Operating at a 1500V system voltage, our modules are adaptable for industrial, commercial, and centralized ground power plants.

Experience the future of solar technology with our comprehensive range of component products designed to meet market demand.

Automated Production Process

Packaging and Shipping

Choose from robust 5 or 7-ply corrugated boxes or opt for reinforced wooden cases with pallets, tailored to your preference.

Custom-made wooden cases are available as an option, offering added protection based on your specific needs.

Rest assured, we prioritize the safety of your solar modules, ensuring comprehensive protection throughout transportation.


  • Dimensions (mm): 2278×1133×35mm

  • Weight (kg): 28kg

  • Packing (pcs/pallet): 31pcs/pallet

  • Loading Capacity: 620pcs/40HC

Count on us to safeguard your solar products throughout their journey.

Our Projects

Delivery Mode

Transportation Options:

We tailor our transportation methods to your specific needs and product quantity, ensuring a safe and cost-effective journey. Choose from a range of options, including sea, air, land, and express delivery, based on your preferences and requirements. Your convenience is our priority.

Company Profile

Intelligent Manufacturing | System Integration | Customization Project

Founded in 2006, Sunrise Energy calls Changzhou's Zhonglou Economic Development District in China home. Our expansive 35,000m² automatic workshop, equipped with a remarkable 2GW annual capacity, is the heart of our operations.

We take pride in delivering highly efficient and personalized green solar power solutions to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our accomplishments shine through:

  • Over 18years of hands-on experience in the photovoltaic industry.

  • Successfully executed 50+ projects across Germany, the United States, Vietnam, and beyond.

  • A global network of 120+ esteemed partners.

  • A portfolio featuring more than 100 patents, illustrating our commitment to innovation.

At Sunrise Energy, we're not just a solar company; we're a source of expertise and excellence, ready to elevate your energy solutions.



Payment Options:

  • T/T (Telegraphic Transfer): Secure your order with a 20% T/T payment upfront. The remaining balance is due before the goods reach the discharge port.

  • L/C (Letter of Credit): Another option is to start with a 20% T/T payment upfront, with the balance settled against an L/C (Letter of Credit) within 30 days.

Shipping Method:

  • By Sea: Our products embark from the bustling Shanghai seaport, ensuring reliable delivery.

Delivery Schedule:

  • Delivery Time: You can expect your order to be delivered within 20-30 days after we receive the initial payment.

We're committed to making your solar solutions accessible and dependable.


Q: What are the payment terms?

A: We offer flexible payment options: T/T with a 30-day term or L/C with a 30-day term.

Q: How long does production typically take?

A: Production usually requires approximately 20 days from the receipt of the initial payment.

Q: What is your monthly production capacity?

A: Our monthly production capacity stands at around 80MW.

Q: What warranties do your products come with?

A: Our products come with a 12-year product warranty and an extended 25-year warranty for extra linear power output, ensuring your long-term satisfaction.

Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd.

+86 0519-8168-8389
No. 20, Tongzi River West Road, Zhonglou Development Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu, 213023
Personalbestand: 1.300
Hinweis: Ihre Anfrage wird direkt an Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd. gesendet.


Produktion (MW)/: MWp
Leistungsbereich(Wp): 400-565
Unternehmen Beschreibung

Focus on module manufacturing and system integration service for 18 years

SUNRISE brand has been founed since 2006,located in Changzhou, Jiangsu.,with 35000m² owned automatic workshop.

MAIN BUSINESS: solar modules manufacturing and sales; system integration and sales; Energy storage cell development and production; Project development,design, optimization.

Certification: TUV, CE, CQC, ISO, CSI, BIS, MCS, INMETRO, etc.

Enterprise honors: AAA rating, the highest credit rating for Chinese enterprises, high-tech enterprise, internationally renowned brand that the province focuses on cultivating and developing, top ten influential enterprises, etc.


Weitere Büros

+31 615130695
Einsteinstraat 2a, 7131 PK Lichtenvoorde
4 Rue Principale, 02880 Vuillery, France
Via Santo Stefano 20, 40125 Bologna
6 Bis, Rue Najib Mahfoud, 20060 Casablanca, Maroc
Suur-jõe 75, Pärnu, Estonia
64, Wiosny Ludo 27, 800 Chodziez, Poland
+44 (0) 1245 698 448
44/54 Orsett Road, Grays, Essex, RM17 5ED, United Kingdom


Fair trade, product quality, fulfillment of commitments, courtesy and good economic conditions are the qualities that distinguish this manufacturer.

-- Pr.En.Al. Srl

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