FLEX-03M-1.7M 210-240W CIGS

Shandong Sinoltech International Co., Ltd.
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Typ: Dünnschicht (CIS)
Leistungsbereich: 210 ~ 240 Wp
Region: China China
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* Lightweight
* Low Profile Minimizes Wind Lift forces
* Architecturally unique
* Flexible and Conforming
* Unbreakable
* Installation Streamlined and Lower Cost
* Ideally suited for end customer solar kit (e.g. RV kit)
* Higher Wattage and kWh produced per limited area
* Enables High - Value Applications


FLEX-03M-1,7M-210W FLEX-03M-1,7M-220W FLEX-03M-1,7M-230W FLEX-03M-1,7M-240W
Produktgarantie 5 Jahre
Leistungsgarantie 10 Jahre auf 90% der angegebenen Nennleistung, 25 Jahre auf 80% der angegebenen Nennleistung
Elektrische Daten bei STC  
Nennleistung (Pmax)
210 Wp 220 Wp 230 Wp 240 Wp
Spannung bei Maximalleistung (Vmpp)
18,1 V 18,8 V 19,4 V 20 V
Strom bei Maximalleistung (Impp)
11,6 A 11,8 A 11,9 A 12 A
Leerlaufspannung (Voc)
23,2 V 23,7 V 24,2 V 24,7 V
Kurzschlussstrom (Isc)
14 A 13,9 A 13,7 A 13,6 A
14,2 % 14,9 % 15,6 % 16,3 %
Leistungstoleranz (+)
+ 10 % + 10 % + 10 % + 10 %
  Standard Testbedingungen (STC): Luftmasse AM 1,5 - Einstrahlung 1000 W/m2 - Zellentemperatur 25°C,
Thermische Daten  
Temperaturbereich -40~85 °C
Temperaturkoeffizient Pmax -0,43 %/°C
Temperaturkoeffizient Voc -0,33 %/°C
Temperaturkoeffizient Isc 0,03 %/°C
Parameter der Systemintegration  
Maximale Systemspannung 1000 V
Rückwärtsbestromung 10 A
Technische Daten  
Modulabmessungen (H/B/T) 1710x973x17 mm
Gewicht 3,4 kg
Zellentyp Dünnschicht (CIS)
IP Schutzgrad IP 68
Kabel 4 mm2
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Product feature

 - High power flexible modules up to 300 Watts

 - 2, and 6 m modules available

 - Both front and back j-box models

Production Line

Product application

● FLEX modules are compatible with

● Directly onto metal Standing-Seam roofs

● Roof membranes

● Roofs rated at less than 5-10kg/m2 additional load

● Curved roof / architectural structures

● Mobile applications - RVs, Trucks

● (DOW) Landfills

● Larger Mobile applications - Boats, Containers

● Tensioned-Fabric structures

● Corrugated roofs rated at 7-10kg/m2

● Elastomeric Coated Roofs

● Poles and Towers

● Architectural glass

● Larger Shingles

Mounting options

PowerFLEX Series CIGS Flex Module for Roof:

PowerFLEX Series CIGS Flex Module for Carport and Greenhouse Roof:

PowerFLEX Series CIGS Flex Module for Landfills:


PowerFLEX Series CIGS Flex Module for LED light pole:

PowerFLEX Series CIGS Flex Module for off grid application:

Shandong Sinoltech International Co., Ltd.

A1-3-712, East 8 Enterprise Mansion, Design & Creative Industrial Area, Ji'nan, Shandong
Personalbestand: 100
Muttergesellschaft: Sinoltech Energy Limited
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"Sinoltech" is the solar energy brand name of Sinoltech Energy Limited, focusing on providing High quality and Advanced Solar Energy Products and Solution to global users. Our company was firstly established in year 2005 Hongkong, in order to respond and conform to the trend of global environmental protection "low carbon" and "green energy".

Sinoltech sets up an independent department "Shandong Sinoltech International Co., Ltd." in year 2017, specializing in research, development, innovation, production and export for solar lighting and other solar application products.

Our main products include: All-In-One Solar Street Light, Thin Film Flexible Solar Panel, Solar Exhaust Fan, Solar LED Skylight, Folding Solar Charger, Off Grid Solar System, MPPT Solar Controller etc.

Sinoltech obtains 5 products patents, with production and assembly factories in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Kunshan, total covering area 10,000 square meters, total employees over 200, including 18 senior engineers in solar energy system. Sinoltech have passed system certification of ISO9001:2000,TS16949, SGS ISO14001, OHSAS 18001.

Our main exporting markets include: Canada, Australia, Fiji, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hongkong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Costa Rica, Germany, UK, Columbia, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, etc more than 60 countries and areas.

Sinoltech obtains comprehensive Pre-sales, Sales and After-sales network system, providing professional solution and high quality products in solar energy BIPV system, solar streetlighting, commercial lighting, stadium lighting, area lighting, residential and industrial solar ventilation system, remote area solar system solution etc.

Sinoltech always put the needs of clients in the first place, solving all problems in the first time. Integrity, professional, efficient, friendly and mutual benefit is always our company tenet, SINOLTECH expects to cooperate and serve clients worldwide.


Produktion (MW)/2019: 500 MWp
CIS Familie: CIGS
Leistungsbereich(Wp): 70-520

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