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Since 2007, in addition to manufacturing, Lux has been operating in the photovoltaic market as a supplier of semi-finished products for the whole production chain. Other than her ingots Lux sells wafers and cells originating from their own production and from other sources, glasses, frames, junction boxes and the modules themselves.


Basic Solar Systems
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Lux S.r.l.

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Via Fernando Santi 27, 15121, Alessandria
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Since 2009, Lux produces multi crystalline ingots for photovoltaic applications in its plant in Alessandria. Through different cutting operations, the ingots become wafers which are later transformed into multi crystalline cells. The latest become photovoltaic modules, once assembled and welded together.

Alongside to its production, Lux can provide an ingot growing service, processing the silicon supplied by potential partners or grow ingots for R&D purpose for cutting tools and machines manufacturers.