Formsol 260

Formsol 260

PV Integ AG
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● Vertical module installation
● No need for special tools
● Very easy installation without the need for measuring
● Few components
● Stackable


Formsol 260
Typ Flachdach
Montagesystem Ordnung Säulen
Modul Orientierung Hochformat
10 °
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PV Integ Ag – Innovation From Switzerland!

PV – Integ AG headquartered in Central Switzerland develops and sells mount-ing systems for PV modules. The company can count on the experience of its staff, and with its existing products has built a loyal customer base.
We believe that if module prices continue to fall, the mounting systems for PV installations will become increasingly important – not only in terms of purchasing but also roof area utilization, transport, installation time and aesthetics.
Due to our proximity to the PV market, we know the needs of installers and can meet them appropriately. In doing so, we are never satisfied with the existing solution, but rather continuously develop our products. For us, it is also important to offer a sophisticated solution for the "little things" such as cable rout-ing, lightning protection, packaging, dilation, etc.

What We Do – Smart Mounting Systems For Your Flat Roof

We develop and distribute mounting systems for photovoltaic systems. We believe that if prices of photovoltaic modules continue to fall, the interest in mounting systems will significantly increase – not only in terms of costs, but also with regard to space utilisation, installation time and transport costs. We also want to meet the highest demands in terms of aesthetics. After all, why should photovoltaic systems not look nice?

Our Products – Mounting Systems For Solar Modules

Our specially developed products provide a quick and easy mounting system for your solar modules. You can therefore install your solar systems without roof penetration or the need for special tools in a very short time indeed. Our mounting systems have been designed for solar systems on flat roofs with gravel or roof planting. The aim is to make optimum use of the roof area and ensure easy installation of the solar panels. The systems are made of recycled plastic. You can find example installations in our reference objects section. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our service team would be happy to help! More information on our products: Formsol160p | Formsol260

About Us – Committed To Photovoltaics

PV-Integ AG was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in Ebikon. We are committed to innovative and aesthetic mounting solutions. We know the needs of our customers and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions. For us, long-term, trust-based partnerships are important so that we can achieve the transformation to a sustainable and ecological power supply with photovoltaic systems.

Tested – Safety First

We have all our mounting systems checked and tested by the Swiss PV Module Test Centre in Lamone. We will supply you with a reliable ballasting plan, so that you know exactly with how much weight you must ballast the mounting system. Thanks to the large area of the plastic elements, you only need a small amount of gravel to achieve a high weight.

Installation – That’s Important To Us

Since flat roofs are not available everywhere, it is important to utilise space as efficiently as possible. This is why the photovoltaic modules are installed edgewise with our mounting system, thus minimising the space between the rows. The prerequisite for simple mounting is an even simpler mounting system. Therefore, our systems consists of very few components. By overlapping and engaging the individual elements in accordance with the supplied installation plan, you can install photovoltaic modules over the entire roof in only a short period. Since the spacing between the rows is set by the plastic elements, there is no need for time-consuming measuring of the flat roof, and incorrect installation is virtually impossible. Our mounting systems consist of almost 100% recycling material. We use both recycled plastics and recycled aluminium and the materials used can be infinitely reused. For sustainable photovoltaic systems with little grey energy.


PV Integ AG

+41 41 3105030
Luzernerstrasse 4, CH-6030 Ebikon
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Unsere eigens entwickelten Produkte bieten eine einfache und schnelle Befestigung für Ihre Solarmodule. Sie können also Ihre Solaranlagen ohne Spezialwerkzeug in geringer Zeit und ohne Dachdurchdringung montieren. Unsere Montagesysteme sind für Solar Systeme auf Flachdächer mit Kies oder Begrünung entwickelt worden.

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