Zoeast PV Co., Ltd.
MSRP ab €0,0952 / Wp
MSRP ab €1.050 / Einheit
Typ: Hybrid
Leistungsbereich: 11 kW
Region: China China
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  • Charge controller and inverter integrated

  • Three-phase loads unbalanced output

  • Various working modes are programmable

  • IP65 rated for outdoor installation

  • Built-in sound and light alarm function

  • Remote monitoring, apps and the web are available


11 kW
Preis (MSRP)
€1.050 / Einheit
5 Jahre
Eingang (DC)  
Max. DC-Leistung
11,5 kW
Max. Eingangsspannung
1000 V
Nominal Eingangsspannung
850 V
Max. Gleichspannung
800 V
Min. Eingangsspannung
200 V
Max. Einggangsstrom
13 A
Max. Gleichstrom
13 A
MPP(T) Spannungsbereich
200~850 V
Anzahl MPP Tracker
DC Eingänge
Ausgang (AC)  
Max. AC-Leistung
11 kW
Nominal AC-Leistung
10 kW
AC Nennspannungsbereich
280~490 V
Nominal Ausgangsspannung
400 V
Max. Wechselspannung
380 V
Max. Ausgangsstrom
17 A
Max. Wechselstrom
15 A
Netzfrequent/ Bereich
50-60 Hz
50, 60 Hz
Leistungsfaktor (cosφ)
< 3 %
Anzahl der Anschlussphasen
Max. Wirkungsgrad
98,2 %
Europ. Wirkungsgrad
97,5 %
Allgemeine Daten  
Abmessungen (H/B/T)
548x444x184 mm
27 kg
< 0,1 W
< 5 dB(A)
Betriebstemperaturbereich -25 ~ +60 ℃
Transformator Ja
Schutzklasse IP55
Feuchte 0-95 %
Kühlung Natürliche Konvektion
Max. Höhe 3000 m
Schnittstelle RS 485, Bluetooth, WLAN
Display LCD
Schutzeinrichtungen Anti Insel-Schutz (ENS), Kurzschlussschutz, Überlastschutz, Überspannungsschutz, Überstromschutz, Übertemperatursicherung, DC Lasttrennschalter, Isolationsüberwachung, Netzüberwachung
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About Us

ZOEAST PV is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-performance solar energy products that convert sunlight into electricity for residential, commercial, and utility-scale power generation. ZOEAST PV plays a leading role in the PV industry through quality with cutting-edge technology and service after sales.

ZOEAST PV has built 30 cells producing line with a capacity of 5 GW cells and 3 GW monocrystalline silicone roads. We are committed to the research of high-efficiency solar cells in our research center and have achieved a new type of solar cell with an efficiency of over 22.9% through protracted and unremitting efforts.

ZOEAST PV keeps product and technics innovation as the competitiveness core of the enterprise and rapid development. As a customer-oriented company, ZOEAST PV keeps product and technics innovation as the competitiveness core of the enterprise and has been appointed by many world-famous solar players as providers. With a focus on quality, professionalism, and services, the Company is dedicated to becoming a trusted market leader in the solar industry.

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Zoeast PV Co., Ltd.

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No.14, Jinghu Road, Xinzhuang Street, Yixing, Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214266
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Hinweis: Ihre Anfrage wird direkt an Zoeast PV Co., Ltd. gesendet.
Unternehmen Beschreibung

ZOEAST PV Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer mainly engaged in the production of solar cells and modules, as well as the integration of solar on-grid and off-grid systems and energy storage systems.

It has a 5GW cell production line and a factory with an annual output of 2GW high-quality components. ZOEAST not only pays attention to product quality but also invests a lot of energy in technology research and development. It has established ZOEAST R&D Center and is committed to research and development to improve the conversion efficiency of cells. At present, it has achieved mass production of cells with a conversion efficiency of up to 25%. ZOEAST Photovoltaic focuses on quality, takes technological innovation as the core of enterprise competitiveness, and is oriented by customer needs to provide high-quality solar power services for public utilities and households. Provide the highest quality products and the most perfect after-sales service in the industry.