Grid-Connected PV Inverter

East Group Co., Ltd.
Typ: Netzanlagen
Leistungsbereich: 2~3 kW
Region: China China
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● 2k/2.5k/3k/3.68k/4k/4.6k/5k/6k/7k
● Kompakt und robust
● Hoher Umwandlungswirkungsgrad, hohe Überlastfähigkeit, mehr Nutzen für die Stromerzeugung
● Einfache Bedienung, intelligente Überwachung, Senkung der Betriebskosten


5 Jahre 5 Jahre 5 Jahre
Eingang (DC)  
Max. DC-Leistung
2,6 kW 3,25 kW 3,9 kW
Max. Eingangsspannung
600 V 600 V 600 V
Max. Gleichspannung
360 V 360 V 360 V
Max. Einggangsstrom
11 A 11 A 11 A
MPP(T) Spannungsbereich
90~550 V 90~550 V 90~550 V
Anzahl MPP Tracker
1 1 1
Ausgang (AC)  
Max. AC-Leistung
2 kW 2,5 kW 3 kW
AC Nennspannungsbereich
180~280 V 180~280 V 180~280 V
Max. Wechselspannung
230 V 230 V 230 V
Max. Ausgangsstrom
8,7 A 10,9 A 13 A
Netzfrequent/ Bereich
45-65 Hz 45-65 Hz 45-65 Hz
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Leistungsfaktor (cosφ)
0,99 0,99 0,99
< 0,5 % < 0,5 % < 0,5 %
Anzahl der Anschlussphasen
1 1 1
Max. Wirkungsgrad
97,8 % 97,8 % 97,8 %
Europ. Wirkungsgrad
97,3 % 97,3 % 97,3 %
AC Ausgangs Anschluss
Plug Plug Plug
Allgemeine Daten  
Abmessungen (H/B/T)
308x116,5x353 mm 308x116,5x353 mm 308x116,5x353 mm
8 kg 8 kg 8 kg
< 0,5 W < 0,5 W < 0,5 W
< 40 dB(A) < 40 dB(A) < 40 dB(A)
Betriebstemperaturbereich -25 ~ +60 ℃
Schutzklasse IP65
Feuchte 0-100 %
Kühlung Natürliche Konvektion
Max. Höhe 4000 m
Schnittstelle RS 485, Ethernet, WLAN
Display LED
Schutzeinrichtungen Kurzschlussschutz, Fehlerstrom-Schutzeinrichtung, Isolationsüberwachung
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Product Features

Compact and Robust

● Aluminum alloy die casting enclosure, permanently anti-rust

● IP 65, ensuring waterproof and dustproof during the 25-year service life

● Integrated streamlined case design with elegant appearance

● Light weight, only 11 kg for 5 kW inverter; dual-in-line wiring method, simplified one-person installation

● Industrial-grade high quality components, obtaining a 25-year design life

High Conversion Efficient, High Overload capacity, More power Generation Benefit

● High conversion efficiency up to 97.8%

● Internal double boards design, without wiring terminal connection, low failure rate, ensuring long-term continuous power generation of the inverter

● Self-adaptive to the weak grid conservative mechanism, ride-through in harsh environment

● 600 V withstand voltage, 90 ~ 550 V wide MPPT range, supporting input over 30

Easy Operation, Intelligent Monitoring, Running Cost Reduction

● Remote wireless transmission and cloud storage of power generation and operational data

● One-click APP configuration, real-time query via smart phone, convenient and efficient

● Support meter communication interface, more accurate power generation data, ensuring the profits

● Remote software upgrade, parameter setting and troubleshooting query, greatly reducing the cost of operation and maintenance

● Provided with the functions of grid remote power control, dry contact control, sound and light alarm




East Group Co., Ltd.

+86 769 22898801
No. 6 Northern Industry Road, Songshan Lake Sci. & Tech. Industrial Park, Dongguan, Guangdong
Personalbestand: 1.742
Hinweis: Ihre Anfrage wird direkt an East Group Co., Ltd. gesendet.

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Unternehmen Beschreibung
Company profile
Established in 1989, 2.329 billion CNY registered capital, East is an Excellent Listed Company (stock code 300376) and a global 5G+ Digital Industry and Smart Energy System Solutions Provider. As a focused high-tech enterprise in The Nation Class Lighted Torch Plan, East is National technology innovation demonstration enterprises, Global Top 500 new energy enterprises, and the Winner of National May 1st Labor Award. With 268 representative offices around China, East’s service has spread in more than 140 countries’ partners and customers around the world.

Innovative strength
Relying on 4 Technological Platforms including National-recognized enterprise technology center & Post-doctoral technology research workstation, conducted by 4 R & D centers in Dongguan, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xi’an city, East owns 740 Patents at home and broad, honored with China Patents Excellence Award, TOP 100 Innovative Enterprise in Guangdong, as well as Top 50 Innovative Enterprise in PV Industry awards.
East successively carried out extensive in-depth technical cooperation and exchange with 20+ well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, practicing innovative development path of ‘independent innovation and integration of production, education & research’.

Core business
East is engaging in 3 strategic business sectors covering 5G+ smart energy(UPS/EPS power supply, 5G base station power supply, rail transit power supply, military power supply), big data(cloud computing/edge computing data center, IT infrastructure), smart energy(photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters and power generation systems, lithium batteries and energy storage systems, charging pile modules and systems, micro-grid network and smart distribution network), and is a provider of global digital industry and smart energy integrated solution.

Project cases
EAST’s products and solutions have been applied to power supply system of Shenzhou series spacecraft launch base, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the first unmanned subway in US, Beijing S1 line, Daxing International Airport; data centers of Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, IBM, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China; EV charging pile projects for G20 summit, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, first-line brand new energy vehicles at home and abroad. In addition, East has made brilliant achievements in “rural areas, agriculture & farmers” services for many years including digital villages, photovoltaic poverty alleviation, power grid transformation, grain security project, snow bright project, rural education, rural medical.
Art der Komponenten
Wechselrichter, Speichersystem, Laderegler
Kategorie: Standalone
Batterietechnologie: SLA
Technologietyp: MPPT
Typ: Netzanlagen, Inselanlagen, Hybrid
Leistungsbereich (kWp): 1- 500
Anzahl der bekannten Händlern
Wechselrichter 8 Händler, Speichersystem 3 Händler, Laderegler 2 Händler

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