Jurawatt Takes Bavarian Solar Energy Technology to Sri Lanka

Veröffentlicht auf 25.02.2015
HIP Solar 
Jurawatt, now also has operations in the Sri Lankan market, where it has found two very enthusiastic desert technology partners. Jurawatt's Desert Modules are ideal for Sri Lanka's tropical climate. 

Jurawatt's partners were soon convinced by the impressive advantages of desert technology according to Patrick Thoma, CEO of Jurawatt GmbH. One of the partners is headquartered in the United Kingdom and supplies a branch office with Jurawatt modules and the other is an established Sri Lankan company.

Now the Sri Lanka government in Colombo is keen to permanently reduce this dependency and will be focusing to a greater extent on renewable energies. Solar energy offers incredible opportunities to a country like Sri Lanka where there are impressive solar radiation values of up to six kWh/m2/day. 

Quelle: Jurawatt
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