Hanwha Q Cells to Reshape its International Production Setup

Veröffentlicht auf 22.01.2015
Hanwha Q CELLS 
Hanwha Q CELLS announced today that it will launch a program to sharpen the company´s international profile of R&D and production, designed to further improve cost & efficiency and increase the overall competitiveness of the company. As part of the program, Hanwha Q CELLS' German site will cease production as of 1 March 2015. It is intended to transfer the respective production equipment to more cost competitive sites. The production transfer to other sites and the corresponding reshaping is estimated to lead to a reduction of the workforce in Germany by around 550 positions. Around 350 jobs will be maintained at Hanwha Q CELLS in Germany.

Cost competitiveness a must in solar industry

Hanwha Q CELLS launches the reshaping program in response to intensifying cost competition in the global PV industry. Kasey Son, CFO at Hanwha Q CELLS, said: "Against the background of the keen cost competition in global solar industry, the management of Hanwha Q CELLS has decided to transfer the German cell and module production facilities to more cost competitive sites including our Malaysian factory. This hasn´t been an easy decision considering the impact on our employees in Germany, but it is necessary in order to ensure the overall competitiveness of Hanwha Q CELLS. I´d like to emphasize, that this decision has been made independently from the recently announced merger of Hanwha Q CELLS with Hanwha SolarOne."

Focused setup in Germany will ensure leading technology and quality "Engineered in Germany"

Through the reshaping program, Hanwha Q CELLS will sharpen its international profile of R&D and production. Hanwha Q CELLS' CCO Justin Lee comments: "The current program won´t have any impact on our customers, who can fully and continuously rely on the outstanding performance of Q CELLS products –"Engineered in Germany". Our customers will benefit from this step to further increase the overall competitiveness of Hanwha Q CELLS and our ability to serve the international markets with high quality PV products and solutions for optimized LCOE."

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Hanwha Q CELLS (Solarmodule): https://de.enfsolar.com/hanwha-q-cells
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