Hyundai Heavy Completes Solar R&D Center

Veröffentlicht auf 12.11.2012
Hyundai Energy Solutions 

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) announced on November 7 the completion of Solar R&D Center in Eumseong, Korea.

With an investment of KRW 22.6 billion (USD 20.8 million), the R&D center covers 2,815 m2 and has 53 solar development facilities including solar cell/module development and analysis facility. Hyundai Heavy, operating Korea's largest solar power plant with an annual production capacity of 600MW, expects to further strengthen its competitiveness by undertaking research into structure and material of high efficiency solar cells, developing cost-effective materials, and lighter, more customized modules.

Mr. Lee Chung-dong, COO of Hyundai Heavy's Green Energy Division said, "The establishment of Solar R&D Center equipped with cutting-edge facilities will serve as a stepping stone to consolidate our position as a leading integrated eco-friendly company through cost reduction and efficiency improvement."

In October 2012, Hyundai Heavy developed the copper-contact selective emitter solar cells with 19.7 % conversion efficiency and passivated emitter, rear locally-diffused (PERL) cells with 20.4% conversion efficiency that were confirmed by the Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar energy research institute in Europe. 


Quelle: Hyundai Heavy
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