SMA Offers Complete Package for over 5MW PV Power Plant in UK

Veröffentlicht auf 28.09.2014
SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) is actively responding to large scale PV system developers and investors in the UK to complete their PV projects before the subsidy changes in April 2015. With the SMA system solution package tailored to meet requirements in the UK market, PV power plants can be completed and connected to the grid quicker and without any complications.

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has announced that it will remove support for Renewable Obligation Certficates (ROCs) earlier than planned. Large Scale PV plants over 5MW were originally set to receive ROC subsidies until 2017. However, the deadline to have new systems up and running has been moved to April 1, 2015. System developers and investors face the challenge of meeting the existing requirements for planned PV projects by March 31, 2015, otherwise they will have to apply for support under the new mechanism Contracts for Difference (CFD). 

To support its customers in the UK, SMA is offering a complete package, with its scope, delivery schedule and technical advice optimally tailored to the current market dynamics there. In addition to inverters and the proven SMA medium voltage solutions, the system solution now includes a transfer station.

"With our complete package, covering everything from the String-Combiner to the grid connection, we want to ensure that our customers in Great Britain can implement their photovoltaic projects quicker and without any complications. In addition to expanding our system solution to include the grid transfer station, we are also shortening delivery times and supporting project developers and investors with technical advice and a full range of services," said Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President of the Utility Business Unit at SMA. According to Wolff, SMA plans to add the grid transfer station to the system solution and launch it in additional markets over the medium term. 

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