2BG Introduces Automatic Bussing System

Veröffentlicht auf 21.01.2011
Rise Technology  2BG s.r.l. extends and strengthens its product line with the complete automation of strings bussing soldering process in order to satisfy the most exacting requirements for quality production and throughput.

IC200AR represents the ideal solution to remove all problems and restrictions of manual soldering, ensuring repeatability, accuracy and stability of results.

This in-line system based on advanced technologies, result of the remarkable know-how and solid experience, is constituted by a robotic workstation that prepares the measure, welds ribbon bussing strings to complete the electrical circuit before the module lamination.

Particular attention has been paid for the choice and the integration of soldering technology and the vision system with the aim to ensure the best combination of performance and reliability, reaching cycle time of 80 sec for each of 72- cell module.

With the new automatic bussing station, solar cells are not subject to mechanical stress thanks to the high quality of soldering without heating and precision for identifying the welding point.

The workstation provides a flexible process with reduced maintenance charges and low operative costs.

The integration of the new robotic system allows to decrease the cost per watt in a remarkable way in the assembly panel.

Quelle: 2BG
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