240KWp System with CSUN Modules Realized in Eastern Turkey by Asunim

Veröffentlicht auf 08.04.2014
CSUN  Asunim 
April 7, 2014 - CSUN announces that a 240kWp project has been realized in the community Göbekli of Şanlıurfa, a town in the Eastern part of Turkey. The system was realized by CSUN's long-term partner Asunim.

The system is owned by ODAŞ Energy. It is located on an area behind their gas power plant and is the first solar power plant in the region. The installation was finalized in December 2013 and commissioning approved by TEDAŞ early 2014.

"We are very proud that we managed to complete the installation as scheduled despite the harsh weather conditions in the area", explains Umut Gürbüz, General Manager of Asunim Turkey. "The system consists of almost 1000 CSUN 250-60 P modules connected to 15 SMA inverters and produces 403 megawatt hours of electricity per year. With its 362 tons of annual CO2 emission savings it prevents air pollution, which would require more than 5,500 trees to make up for. Apart from these positive environmental factors the economic benefit should not be neglected with electricity bill savings of more than €1 million during its predicted 30 years lifetime."

"Asunim has been our customer right from CSUN's start into the module business. After seeing many projects realized with CSUN modules by Asunim in Southern Europe we are delighted that this strong partner is now active in the booming Turkish market." Adds William Sheng, CSUN's Vice President.

Quelle: CSUN
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