Trannergy Offers High Airtight Inverters for PV Plants in the Desert of Australia

Veröffentlicht auf 27.03.2014
March 27, 2014 - Recently Trannergy announced that the demo PV project in Australian desert, where Trannergy offered 24 sets of inverters, has been successfully tested and grid-connected.

In some extreme environments like the desert, PV inverter and other PV machines not only need to suffer the long solar radiation, but also need to overcome the desert dust, sand, storm and other complex weather conditions. So at the beginning of the project, the Australian project contactor attached great importance on choosing the inverter. They had entrusted a third party to test Trannergy's inverter strictly. The results show that Trannergy's inverters perform excellent in the dust and water.

Trannergy said they have great confidence in their products. "Over the past years, our R & D team is committed to the product improvement and quality control so that the products can meet the needs of different areas and climate, which will create a sense of comfort and friendly experience for the users. In minus 20 to above 60 degrees, with the highest level of protection IP65, Trannergy's inverter can work perfectly in the desert, heavy rain and even snow."

Quelle: Trannergy
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