Masdar PV Supplies Customized Modules for BIPV Project in Sweden

Veröffentlicht auf 12.12.2013
Masdar PV  Light Energy 
Dec. 10, 2013 - After the recently announced expansion of its manufacturing capacity of tailor-made BIPV modules, Masdar PV has now delivered the first customer-tailored products to Scandinavia. Together with the Swedish Light Energy AB, a subsidiary of Fasadglas Bäcklin AB, Masdar PV faced the balcony railing of a residential building in Smorblomman, Sweden, with photovoltaic panels.

A total of 120 modules in eleven different sizes have been installed, which provide a capacity of about 11KWp on a total area of 120sqm. For the front a dark version of modules produced with homogeneous a-Si/µc-Si technology and a glass/glass structure (3.2mm float/float 3.2mm), which were individually made for this project, have been used. Besides the size, the products were also adjusted to fit the customer's transom-mullion system.

Beyond individual sizes, Masdar PV BIPV panels are available in various transparencies, colors and compounds. They replace traditional building materials and enable an eco friendly energy conversion in facades while providing all design and functional features as architectural elements. In cooperation with construction industry partners, Masdar PV develops standard-compliant integration concepts and applies for a general building inspectorate approval to enable a broad range of applications.

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