AlsoEnergy Announces 200th School PV Monitoring System Installed

Veröffentlicht auf 21.09.2012
Also Energy 

AlsoEnergy announced today that it is currently monitoring over 200 solar installations on public schools, colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

Schools either build their own photovoltaic (PV) energy system to power their facility or they partner with financiers or utility companies and the power is sold to them at a fixed or reduced rate.  AlsoEnergy provides solar energy production-monitoring data along with educational kiosks to the educational field.

"What started out a few years ago with monitoring installations in the Denver Public School District has grown into district-wide portfolio management, where performance data is being gathered," said Robert Schaefer, CEO of AlsoEnergy. "Integrating that data into the school curriculum, teaches students what solar panels can produce at different times of the day.  Seeing how much electricity their school is consuming is what really appeals to students and teachers alike."

Schools with solar technology programs allow students to view the performance of the entire site instantly as well as scrutinize more detailed information.  Educational kiosks are customized to each location, to the level of the students and the curriculum.


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