Powerway to Enter into Jordan Solar Market

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Sept. 27, 2013 - Through the negative effects of the global economic crisis, PV trade war and gradually eclipsed traditional PV market ,the once precarious PV industry via Global PV companies are actively seeking development in the emerging PV markets. The Middle East PV market is one of good potential. Jordan in the Middle East, a small country but rich in solar energy resources, radiation per square meter per day reaches 5-7KWh, average wind speed 7-11m/s, is suitable for the development of the solar energy industry.

To meet the growing demand for electricity ,the Jordanian government released the "Renewable Energy Efficiency Law", this actively expands the blueprint of the Jordanian solar industry, and plans to develop 600MW solar power plants by 2020 and 1.8GW of renewable energy installed capacity. The Jordanian government also announced the country's first feed-in tariff scheme as a priority of the solar energy development programme , setting the subsidies at 120 fils ($ 0.17 total) per kilowatt/ hour. By August 2013, the Government of Jordan had officially launched the second round of bidding for renewable energy projects, in which the quantity of PV solar projects will be further increased. This further stimulates the demand for the related PV equipment in the Jordanian market in the next few years.

This good trend attracts several solar companies the into Jordanian PV market. Among them is Powerway renewable energy. Powerway cooperates with local EPC corporations through its joint ventures for second round solar project bidding in the Eskom IPP programme.

Powerway provides customers with photovoltaic power plant system design services, also provides detailed scientific project construction plans and installation turn-key services. Powerway's chief marketing officer, Sherry Shi said, "The photovoltaic solar industry is a policy-oriented industry. We must take the initiative and run in front of competitors, continuously providing customers withmore added value to seize the market quickly."

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