Sungrow Supplies 5MW Inverters to a PV Project in India

Veröffentlicht auf 27.08.2013
Sungrow Power Supply 
Aug. 22, 2013 - Sungrow Power Supply recently announced to supply over 150 pieces of its featured string inverter SG30KTL to a PV project in Rajastan, India.

Sungrow has made its first move of entering Indian PV market by awarding a 5MW project. 

"Besides Sungrow's reliable factory warranty, the after-sales service covered by our local service partner and local inverter exchange pool is also a key factor for the Indian customers' decision. The Indian PV industry has huge growth potential; it's the first step to India, a solid milestone for our international cooperation and expansion based on the proven performance of the product and mutual trust from partners for years," Raymond Wong, VP of Sungrow, commented, "After 16 years of development, Sungrow now has successfully created its high reputation worldwide and we're utterly confident in the future expansion of our business opportunities in India, and other developing PV markets as well."

Quelle: Sungrow
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