REC Completes and Sells Four Solar Plants on Sardinia

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REC Solar 
August 6, 2013 - REC has developed, constructed, financed and sold four solar power installations in Villacidro (4,986KW), Pischedda (996.4KW), Ulmos (901.6KW) and Lula (990KW) on Sardinia, making a total capacity of 7.87MW. 

The four ground-mounted solar plants have been sold to IKAV Global Energy.

"A good Return on Investment is key in selecting solar investments. Looking at the track record of REC as a solar provider worldwide, the quality and performance of the REC installations on Sardinia make this a very sound investment for the Fund," says Constantin von Wasserschleben, Director at IKAV.

The latest projects, which comprise approximately 31,000 REC solar panels, are now on grid, producing 12.5MWh of solar energy every year for use in Sardinian households. The installations were planned, developed and built by the Systems business of REC.

Both of the latest Sardinia installations are ground-mounted, using a combination of REC 245 and 255 Peak Energy solar panels, and together cover an area of approximately 16 hectares of land. The installations benefit the environment not just in terms of reducing the CO2 footprint; two previously unused tracts of land are now being deployed for sustainable purposes to generate clean, green solar energy.

"We are pleased to be continuing our involvement in the solar power industry in Italy with the installations on Sardinia. Together, the four Sardinian installations we've developed and built have a total power output of just under on 8,000 KWp," says Matthias Ermer, Managing Director, REC Systems. "Excellent collaboration with local partners and stakeholders throughout the development and construction process made it possible to realize this project in a very short timeframe."

"Italy has reached the end of the feed-in tariff era for solar power, and we expect the market will be driven by the new tax credit scheme, which will then be attractive for smaller system sizes up to 200KW," comments Matthias Ermer. REC.

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