HMC Farms Hedges Against Utility Power with 2.2MW Cenergy Power Solar Farm

Veröffentlicht auf 22.07.2013
Cenergy Power 
July 18, 2013 - HMC Farms has taken a green leap forward by moving forward with Cenergy Power on a 10 acre solar photovoltaic farm. The large 2.2 megawatt solar system will span across 390,000 square feet of ground space and will enable HMC to hedge against rising electric utility charges on two cold storage and packaging meters. An additional 70 kilowatt solar carport will be added to supplant HMC's energy use at the main office building on the property.

The ground mounted solar and carport systems have been designed to produce over 3.4 million kilowatt hours of energy annually, which will reduce the plant's energy needs by +68% and provide a 4-year return on investment.

"We believe that economically sound sustainability initiatives make tremendous business sense and we're excited to move forward with Cenergy Power on our large solar project," says Michael Toms, Chief Operating Officer of HMC Farms. "In addition to the strong financial benefits, we feel great about the environmental attributes associated with the solar system. According to data from Environmental Protection Agency, the clean energy generated by our solar farm will be equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 2,000 acres of forests annually."

Cenergy Power will be providing scheduled operations and maintenance work, including but not limited to touch-free panel cleanings, preventative maintenance & repair, and overall system warranties.

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