Lightway Launches Its Smart Modules Series

Veröffentlicht auf 09.06.2013
Lightway Green New Energy 
June 7, 2013 - Lightway today announced the launch of the LWSS modules series specifically featured with its achievement on power optimization through the integration of module-level MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to maximize system performance. It is ideal for residential, commercial rooftop and utility-scale applications.

In conventional PV systems, especially of rooftop projects, shading severely effects generation output. LWSS modules, however, can eliminate power losses caused by module mismatch, shading, and soiling collection. The system equipped with LWSS modules, compared with conventional ones, can positively enable more power density and efficiency, which increases the return on investment for the owner.

Furthermore, systems installed with LWSS modules are able to perform module level real-time monitoring, allowing customers to access to the performance data wherever and whenever on web or portable application. In addition, it can also diagnose and troubleshoot the system remotely, which saves time and reduces O & M costs.

From a security point of view, LWSS modules are equipped with Arc Prevention and automatic DC shut off, which provide extra security on each module to minimize fire risk and electrical shock to operators. LWSS modules are safer than conventional modules.

"We are delighted to be able to work with global leading technology providers, and introducing our Smart Module Series for our clients worldwide," said Mr. Andrew Li, Chief Marketing Officer of Lightway. "We believe product differentiation and readiness, as the solar industry maturing, is one of the key factors for sustained technology and product leadership. Lightway's Smart Module Series would potentially offer our clients options to enhance, and improve, their return of investment, while employing leading solar and electronic technology."

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