Hareon Solar Introduces AC Modules in Australia

Veröffentlicht auf 22.05.2013
Jiangyin Hareon Power  SolarBridge Technologies 
May 20, 2013 - Hareon Solar Technology Co. Ltd. (Hareon Solar) announced today that it will introduce Hareon AC modules at the Solar 2013 Conference and Expo in Melbourne. Hareon Solar teamed up with SolarBridge Technologies to develop fully integrated AC modules.

Hareon Solar will offer its AC modules with 25 year warranty covering both the modules and the microinverters. Hareon AC modules are shade and mismatch tolerant, thereby increasingenergy yield by as much as 25 percent while reducing design and installation cost as much as 50 percent. A complete AC solution from Hareon Solar will offer the highest value to end customers — with individual module-level monitoring, integrated grounding and increased system safety. A conventional PV system with central inverters can have rooftop DC voltages as high as 1000V. PV systems with Hareon AC modules will operate at the standard grid voltage.

Installers and system owners will be able to monitor system performance via theHareon Power Portal.

Dr. Jie Zhang, VP of International Sales for Hareon Solar said: "Hareon Solar is committed to bringing the highest quality PV products and solutions to our customers. The Australian market, with its large residential segment, offers tremendous potential for Hareon ACPV solutions. Our AC modules are designed for safe and reliable operation for 25 yearsand offer a simple, scalable, high-efficiency solution to our customers for lowest LCOE."

"As a market, Australia has demonstrated its eagerness to embrace ACPV for all of its benefits – better energy harvest, better performance visibility and a plug-and-play installation that is second to none," said Ron Van Dell, president and CEO, SolarBridge Technologies. "We are pleased to partner with Hareon on this important product launch."

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