TGC Renewables Continues to Develop UK Projects with 4.8MW Devon Solar Park Planning Success

Veröffentlicht auf 26.04.2013
TGC Renewables 
22nd April 2013, London - TGC Renewables has announced that it has secured planning permission for a 4.8MW project in Devon.

The 4.8MW project marks the start of the business's plans to develop up to 100MWs under the current 1.6 ROC initiative.

With solar panel costs potentially rising in the short term due to the uncertainties surrounding the European solar panel anti-dumping initiative, the requirement to develop efficient and high quality projects is key.

The 20,680 PV panels will be installed on a site comprising 12 hectares, near the village of Haberton, Totnes, Devon.

TGC Renewables has worked closely with the landlord and the local authorities to develop the site - through its dedicated in-house development team - including project management, legal, financial and electrical support.

"Our pipeline of UK solar projects is a real indicator of the interest and demand from the rural and investor community for solar developments. With traditional assets not generating the returns of previous years, clean energy projects are increasingly attractive," said Rob Denman, Director, TGC Renewables.

"Each project is different and like all of our projects, this one created it's own challenges. We had to work closely with the local county archaelogists to assess and mitigate any possible impact on my archaelogical remains.

By working with them we developed a solution that satisfied their concerns and enabled us to obtain planning".

"By keeping all the required development skills in-house, we know all the details of every site so that TGC and our partners can plan and invest safely without unwanted surprises, " said Denman.

TGC Renewables has developed over 30MWs of solar power on operation or under construction, with plans to increase this total to over 100MWs during the next twelve months.

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