Hoymiles Launches Next-generation Hybrid Inverters

Veröffentlicht auf 16.09.2022
Hoymiles has released a new next-gen line of hybrid inverters, expanding the company's range of advanced energy solutions. With these inverters, Hoymiles aims to help address the increased global demand for solar energy, driven by rising global energy costs and a focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Hybrid solar systems involve the use of solar panels, batteries, and the main grid, as well as generators in some cases for added reliability. Hoymiles' hybrid inverters are integral to such systems, enabling the two-way conversion of electricity from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), as well as DC to AC. This allows the hybrid system to dynamically switch between power sources depending on energy production, price, and usage.

Available in single-phase and three-phase options, the new hybrid inverters (HYS and HYT series) also come equipped with a custom-designed data transfer stick (DTS). The DTS enables smart internet connectivity, meaning all operational data can be monitored via the company's S-Miles Cloud platform. The products are now available in the European and Asia-Pacific markets, with an America launch planned for 2023.

Hoymiles' next-gen hybrid inverters also feature an industry-leading DC/AC ratio of 1.5, resulting in significantly lower cost when compared with systems of the same capacity using other inverters. The 14A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) current provides seamless compatibility with all mainstream photovoltaic modules available on the market today, and the 97.6% efficiency represents a standard unmatched in the industry. Additionally, Hoymiles has designed the inverters to be lightweight, compact, and simple to install, meaning they can be easily integrated into any hybrid system.

"At Hoymiles, we prioritize making efficient and smart energy available to everyone. Our new hybrid inverters integrate solar power and grid power in an intuitive way so that more people can access reliable and cost-effective energy and be prepared for emergencies such as extreme weather," says Zhao Yi, Hoymiles' Chief Technology Officer. "By acting as a medium between solar and grid energy, hybrid inverters help people access electricity in a smarter, more flexible way while ensuring stability across the entire grid system. Our new inverters represent another big step in our mission to innovate in the solar market and bring clean energy to everyone."

Quelle: Hoymiles
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