Sungrow Supplies India’s BESS Plant with Tata Power

Veröffentlicht auf 24.05.2022
Sungrow Power Supply  Tata Power Solar 
Sungrow cooperate with Tata Power Solar Systems Limited to build India's BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) plant in Phyang, Leh, UT of Ladakh, India. The BESS capacity is up to 60.56 MWh.

This plant is located at a high altitude of 3400 meters above sea level, where the temperature is very low. In this severe geographic condition, all devices need to be installed quickly and work reliably. Therefore, Sungrow provides comprehensive PV plus ESS solutions; including, high-quality PCS—SC2500UD and the Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage System ST2752UX. This ESS project application supports peak power management.

The Leh project is one of the largest ESS tendered projects issued by the Indian government body SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India). This project bears a testimonial to Sungrow’s reliable solutions, services, and technologies. This new cooperation with Tata Power Solar Systems Limited also predicts a broader and more varied prospect for the two major players in the growing Indian market.

Sungrow now possesses around 13 GW inverter shipments in the Indian market. Moreover, it also owns the 10GW manufacturing capacity at Bengaluru here in India as well. In the future, Sungrow, in collaboration with industry leaders like Tata Power Solar Systems Limited, will strive to keep leading the Indian renewable energy industry and providing clean electricity across the country with more innovative solutions.

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