GraceSolar Customized the GS Solar Carport System for Large-scale Parking Lot in Japan

Veröffentlicht auf 06.04.2022
Grace Solar 
A large-scale parking lot project of GraceSolar in Fukushima, Japan was officially connected to the grid. This is also our first parking lot project after obtaining the JIS carport certification.

The parking lot is located in a factory that manufactures precision mechanical components and can accommodate 154 vehicles. The solar carport system is customized by GraceSolar and uses a high-strength aluminum alloy structure that can cope with 150cm of snow. The carport system has passed the Japanese JIS certification and obtained the application for building confirmation. GraceSolar has thus become the first Chinese carport photovoltaic mounting company to pass the JIS carport certification.

Through the development mode of on-site PPA, the green electricity generated by the solar carport also relieves the electricity consumption in daily production and saves electricity expenses.

In Japan, GraceSolar has in-depth cooperation with well-known power development companies including Banpu·Japan (Japan branch of a large power company in Thailand) to help enterprises realize SDGs. At the same time, GS commercial solar carport has also received extensive attention and consultation around the world.

As a trusted PV mounting brand, GraceSolar will continue to support more new projects and contribute to global carbon neutrality through these solar power plants.

Quelle: GraceSolar
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