GOOMAX Launches New Products of Solar Mounting System

Veröffentlicht auf 09.07.2020
Goomax Energy 
GOOMAX is committed to providing customers with the production and development of solar mounting systems. This month, a number of new patented products were launched, covering ground mounting system, tracking mounting system, roof mounting system, carport mounting system, agricultural mounting system and other types of solar mounting systems. 

Most parts of them are pre-assembled before shipment. No drilling and cutting are required on installation site. To save customers manpower and time, only need simple adjust and lock to complete the installation. All parts of the product have been tested and have strong anti-corrosion performance, which can ensure the strength meets the requirements. Each solution is individually designed according to the actual conditions, while ensuring strength, saving materials as much as possible and reducing costs for customers. The tracking mounting system has also been upgraded. When the wind speed is greater than 20m/s, the system is placed at zero angel inclination and enters the wind resistance state. The maximum wind resistance is 42m/s. It has anti-electromagnetic interference, real-time control of tracking sunshine angle, residual light utilization, overheating and overcurrent, Self-locking and other protection functions.

GOOMAX participates smart energy storage microgrid systems, solar plant EPC, investment and financing projects, enhancing the capacity of sales services for solar mounting systems, solar plant operation and maintenance services. 

Goomax has steadily expanded its global territory and continuously improved the international competitiveness of its products. At the same time, it has promoted energy reform, take responsibility for the future as our own responsibility, help the PV industry to make great strides, create greater benefits for society, and contribute more power to the cause of environmental protection! The newest and best products will be appeared on the official website in two weeks and at the SNEC on August 8, and will be discussed and studied with a number of well-known exhibitors at home and abroad.

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