Risen Energy Announces that Its 50MW PV Power Station Has Been Connected to the Grid in Kazakhstan

Veröffentlicht auf 22.01.2020
Risen Energy 
Risen Energy Co., Ltd. announced recently that its 50MW photovoltaic power station project in Kazakhstan has been successfully connected to the grid. 

Construction commenced in mid-2019 and it only took a little more than half a year for the facility, located in Chulakkurgan, Kazakhstan, to be connected to the grid. Risen Energy provided the 330W polycrystalline components for the project and they also built a new 110KV booster station and a 110KV delivery line to ensure the smooth operation and successful delivery of the project.

Risen Energy president Xie Jian said: "The successful grid connection of the project has enhanced our reputation in the Kazakhstan market, and also strengthened the competitiveness and influence in other markets along the Belt and Road Initiative. We will continue to enhance our innovation in technology, explore new markets, strengthen cooperation with all partners and deliver advanced photovoltaic technologies and products to more markets at home and abroad, while jointly participating in the upgrading of the global energy structure."

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Risen Energy (Solarwerkstoffe): https://de.enfsolar.com/risen-energy
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