Hanwha Q CELLS Secures 100MW Module Supply Deal for CGN New Energy

Veröffentlicht auf 22.11.2018
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This deal represents another important cooperation between Hanwha Q CELLS and CGN New Energy, following a 66MW module supply deal for a Top Runner Project in July − Total module volume supplied by Hanwha Q CELLS to CGN Power Group has now reached nearly 400MW.

General Manager of China Business Division, Hanwha Q CELLS, said: "This deal represents the customer's high recognition of our Q.ANTUM mono solar module Q.PEAK-G5 series. It will inspire the Company to continuously improve the quality of our product and service." 

The solar plant will be built in Dafan Town, Tongshan County, Hubei Province – a region that has abundant energy sourced mainly from wind power, hydropower, nuclear power and stationary storage. Hubei Province is known for excellent solar irradiation, making it an ideal location for the construction of solar plants. The total capacity of this solar plant is expected to be 150MW, and Hanwha Q CELLS will supply CGN New Energy with 100MW of capacity comprised of the well-received Q.ANTUM mono solar module Q.PEAK-G5.

On November 2, 2018, the first batch of 30MW solar modules arrived at the project site, and installation began. The expected date for grid connection for the entire completed project is the end of December 2018. After grid connection is complete, the total power generation of the solar plant could reach around 145.76 million kWh per year. With the clean renewable energy of the solar plant, Tongshan County will also further realize the economic benefits of solar power, while such clean sources of energy help to keep the mountains green and the rivers free from pollution.

The General Manager of the China Business Division, Hanwha Q CELLS, said: "We are very glad to once again gain the trust of China General Nuclear Power Group. Based on our long-term and friendly cooperation, the total volume of modules we have supplied reaches nearly 400MW collectively to CGN Power Group. This represents the customer's high recognition of our Q-Series products, especially the mono-crystalline PERC solar module, the Q.PEAK-G5."

"This will inspire us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. We look forward to further strengthening the strategic cooperation with CGN Power Group, to promote new projects with mutual benefit that are a win-win for both companies."

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