Conergy to Entry into Romanian Market with 2.2MW Solar Plant

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16 January 2013 – Conergy is strengthening its international footprint by entering the solar growth market in Romania. Currently, Conergy's solar experts are realising one of the largest solar parks in the country together with their local partner Solanna Investment S.r.l. The power plant with an output of 2.2 megawatt and a total area of around 13,700 square metres is situated in Bobiceşti near the Romanian town of Craiova. Around 9,400 Conergy PowerPlus premium modules from the system supplier's factory in Frankfurt (Oder) will be generating some 2,840 megawatt hours of clean solar power every year in the future, sufficient to supply 870 households in the region with electricity. At the same time, the solar park will prevent the emission of around 1,250 tonnes of damaging CO2.

Energy authority: Romanian solar market likely to grow 15-fold by 2016

"Romania has great potential as a solar growth market in Eastern Europe," said Conergy Board Member Alexander Gorski. "The government intends to cover at least 20% of the country's energy needs from renewable sources by 2020 and will be relying mainly on solar energy in addition to wind power. By the end of 2012, the energy authority expects the market to reach around 100 megawatts of installed solar capacity. For the future, their prognosis is even more optimistic: the market could grow 15-fold and reach 1,500 megawatts by 2016 – and we have every intention of benefiting from this growth."

Romania's support for solar: quota model based on emissions trade

State subsidies for solar in Romania do not take the form of feed-in tariffs as is the case in Germany and many other European solar markets, but is based on a quota model involving so-called "green certificates". Power plants with a total output of up to 10 megawatt will receive six CO2 certificates for every megawatt hour of green energy they generate for a period of 15 years. The operators of the 2.2 megawatt Conergy power plant will therefore receive 17,040 green certificates per year for the annually produced amount of electricity of around 2,840 megawatt hours.

20% green power mandatory for energy suppliers and energy-intensive businesses by 2020

The power plant operators can either trade these certificates at the energy exchange or sell them directly to energy suppliers or energy-intensive businesses. These need the certificates in order to comply with the government's mandatory quota model. In 2012, the required proportion of electricity from renewable sources was 12%, while it is 14% this year. From 2014 to 2018, it will increase by 1% per year, so that by 2019 19.5% of the produced electricity will have to come from renewable sources. If a company does not achieve the required quota, it will need to purchase the appropriate number of emission certificates at a price of 110 euros each.

National energy authority will buy any unsold certificates at a fixed price

For the trading at the energy exchange, the market price fixed until 2025 is between 27 and 55 euro cents. Green certificates that could not be sold within one year will be bought by the national energy regulatory authority (Autoriatea Nationale de Reglementare in domeniul Energiei, ANRE) at the fixed minimum price.

Knowledge transfer: Conergy to develop Romanian market from Italy

In a first step, Conergy will be developing Romania as an export market from Italy. The Italian Conergy team is now transferring this experience to new, additional solar markets with dynamic growth and substantial potential.

Gorski: "We are expanding our international business and focusing on growth markets."

"Conergy is already active in over 40 markets on all five continents today. Our early internationalisation means that we are generating over three quarters of our sales outside of Germany," said Gorski. "We intend to increase our international sales activities as well as our service business even further in the future. That is why we are developing further interesting solar markets besides Romania, such as Tunisia and Morocco in North Africa, for instance. Japan, numerous countries in Southeast Asia, South Africa and South America also represent very interesting solar markets for us for the future."


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