Veröffentlicht auf 11.01.2018
Autarsys GmbH is set to manufacture an energy storage system with software that will transform the way residents of a refugee camp receive power. 

"We hope that by increasing the energy independence of Mam Rashan, this technology will improve the quality of life for people residing in the camp. We also look forward to training locals in installation and facility-maintenance skills," said Matthias Ross, co-founder of Autarsys.

"Our tailored energy management system will have a unique scheduling feature that prioritizes the delivery of power throughout the camp. For example, once the system delivers sufficient energy to the camp's clinic and school, the residents' other electricity-related needs can be addressed," said Erich Bosh, co-founder, of Autarsys. "We're also developing the ESS to ensure that the solar field can provide energy even if the local grid fails."

"In 2017, a solar project to power a refugee camp and a business start-up project for women each received € 400,000, making significant improvements for local people. With the help of the Baden-Württemberg project, the camp will receive an uninterruptible power supply from renewable sources," said Baden-Württemberg Secretary of State Theresa Schopper.

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