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Ampt LLC announced an additional $15 million in funding. The new round of funding comes from strategic investor and founder of Ampt, Doug Schatz, and Bohemian Investments which brings their total investment to over $50 million. 

"Ampt became the #1 optimizer company in the world for large systems by exceeding expectations of its customers," said Mr. Schatz. "The combination of strong IP and market leadership in optimizing utility scale systems has translated into sales momentum and scale in key target markets."

"We've expanded our product line to focus on repowering existing PV power plants while upholding Ampt's basic customer value proposition of improving system performance while reducing costs," added Levent Gun, Ampt CEO. "We've developed a low-cost way to re-energize these systems or replace outdated inverters when necessary to provide a higher ROI than many of the new PV plants being built today."

Quelle: Ampt, LLC
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