IBC Solar完成建设土耳其1.1兆瓦光伏电站

Veröffentlicht auf 20.01.2017
IBC Solar 
IBC Solar Turkey has completed a solar energy project with a total capacity of 1.1MW in Eskişehir, Turkey. 

The produced amount of approx. 1.7 million kWh solar power per year will be fed into the public grid. As the Turkish feed-in tariff for photovoltaic currently stands at 13.3 USD cents per kWh, the project guarantees attractive revenue for the investor, Sarar & Ilgazlar Partnership.

"IBC Solar AG and IBC Solar Turkey are bringing valuable global experience and extensive knowledge in the planning and installation of large-scale projects to the Turkish PV market. I would like to say thank you to our investor Sarar & Ilgazlar Partnership for choosing IBC Solar Turkey for this project and their contributions to the growth of the PV industry in our country", says IBC Solar General Manager and Managing Partner Hakan Daltaban. 

IBC Solar will also provide operations and maintenance services (O&M) for the PV plant. "O&M services are vital for the long term performance of PV power plants, the compliance with the targeted productivity levels and the continuous return of investment under all climate conditions. Thus, our O&M services are increasingly preferred by our investors and customers", says IBC Solar Turkey General Manager Bülent Yildiz. 

IBC Solar Turkey is collaborating with its Demir Engineering for support and service of the system in Eskişehir. The standard service package includes plant monitoring, troubleshooting support and preventive maintenance services, as well as green space maintenance and reporting. IBC Solar can also provide an optional performance guarantee for the complete PV system.

Quelle: IBC Solar
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